How to use false eyelashes to get a real big-eyed retro look: Vintage tips & examples

How to use false eyelashes for a real retro look

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If you want that gorgeous, ingenue-like retro makeup style that was so popular in the ’60s and ’70s — also called the Twiggy look — you need to know how to apply false eyelashes just like they did back then!

So, coming direct to you from the past, we have tons of tips and tricks about how to use false eyelashes, info about all the classic lash styles, and plenty of examples of the unforgettably stunning retro look.


Introducing Twiggy lashes by Yardley (1967)

Twiggy lashes by Yardley - 1967

How to apply false eyelashes to get a fabulous retro look (1971)

By Jennifer Anderson

False eyelashes are the fad of the Sixties that have become the fashion of the Seventies.

A pair of wispy, well-trimmed false eyelashes can make tiny eyes look larger, deep-set eyes look prettier, and eyes behind glasses look sexier.

If you haven’t mastered the art of applying false eyelashes, let me tell you how.

False eyelashes - makeup

Question: All of my friends look great wearing false eyelashes. I would love to follow their fashion lead, but I just can’t get false eyelashes on decently. When I try to apply them, I usually end up with glue out of place and the lash strip turning up at the ends.

What is the trick to applying false eyelashes?

Answer: There is no trick to applying false eyelashes, but I can offer some pointers to make the task simpler.

First of all, can you see well enough to get the lashes into place?

A big problem that women have with eye makeup is not being able to see into the mirror well enough to apply it properly. To solve this problem, buy a magnifying mirror, and use it with a good strong light source.

Now, select false eyelashes with supple, silky lash hairs mounted on a thin strip.

Even the lashes labeled “pre-feathered and pre-trimmed’ must be feathered and trimmed.

To feather your lashes, hold them by the lash strip and snip from the tips of the hair inward toward the strip. This will thin the lashes and make them look more natural.

To trim your lashes, lay them along your natural lashes. See how much they extend past the inside corner and the outside corner of your eye. Snip off all the excess lash strip from the outside corner. Most lashes are bit longer than they need to be.

Selection of your lash adhesive is important. Buy an adhesive that will come off in one strip when dry. Most drugstores sell surgical adhesive that works well to hold lashes in place.

Vintage false eyelashes from 1970

How to apply false eyelashes for a vintage look

When you get the lashes trimmed to the proper length, apply a thin strip of adhesive along the lash strip, and let it dry for about 60 seconds until it becomes tacky. Then lower your eyelid, and place the lash against the roots of your natural lashes.

Think of the adhesive as a hinge between your false eyelashes and your eyelid. Once applied, the false eyelashes should stand up nicely, and not push down into your natural lashes.

Remember that false eyelash are made in pairs, just like shoes. You’ll look pretty funny if you put a left false eyelash on your right eye. The shorter lashes go on the inside corner.

If you make a mistake, don’t try to correct it by scooting the lashes around trying to hit the right spot on your eyelid. Let the adhesive dry, remove the lashes, pull off the dry adhesive, and start over.

It takes time and practice to learn how to apply false eyelashes. Don’t give up.

Your eyelashes should last a long time if you keep them clean and store them in the box that they came in, Learn to apply false eyelashes with an inexpensive pair. When you know what you’re doing, treat yourself to a pair of super deluxe lashes.

This summer, false eyelashes made from the same fiber as the wash and wear wigs will be on the market. These new lashes can be worn to swim, shower, and cry. Natural hair false eyelashes, however, should be kept dry.

’60s makeup: False eyelashes are here to stay (1966)

By Alicia Hart, NEA Beauty Editor

False eyelashes of mink or synthetic fiber are here to stay. That is, if they are properly applied and cared for.

The modern girl is an on-the-go type. She has learned that her eye makeup gives her added appeal. False eyelashes are a logical part of her makeup when they are thin and natural-looking for daytime, or longer and thicker for evening.

For quick home care and application or travel, make up a traveling kit for your eyelashes. A small plastic box will do.

In it, keep two or three rubber bands, a fat round pencil, a small round, goose-neck mirror, tweezers, some cotton swabs and some greaseproof paper. Also, a change of lashes prolongs the life of both pairs of lashes.

How to care for your false eyelashes

Care is important to keep lashes looking clean and properly shaped. When a fixative builds upon the base of the lashes, hold the lash hairs firmly between the thumb and first finger: Grip the glue strip with tweezers and gently pull away. A short soaking in warm water keeps the lashes soft and fluffy.

After removing from the water, place on a flat surface. With a cotton swab, stroke the excess water from the lash, from base to outer edge, with a rolling motion.

Put lashes on paper when they are completely dry. Put a pencil on top, and slowly roll the paper around the pencil. Secure the paper with a rubber band. Your lashes will be ready for you when you want to pop them on again.

Makeup false eyelashes 1967

Tips for false lashes

False eyelashes go everywhere — to a dance, card party, beach or classroom. The false lashes are silky and sweeping on top.

What about the natural ones on the bottom? Powder bottom lashes and apply mascara. Let dry and hold a cotton swab just under the eye. Brush lashes over the tip of the swab. Repeat several tunes if necessary. This picks up excess and helps avoid smearing mascara under the eye.

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See some of the many styles of vintage false eyelashes available in 1970

Come see the big show in eye fashion. The shy look, the bold look, the ultra-dramatic look, the new super-natural look… thick lashes, long lashes, zig-zag lashes. Lashes natural and casual, luscious and languorous, glamorous and amorous, mischevious and mysterious… lashes for real and lashes for fun. 

100% European hair lashes for everyone — every kind of woman in every kind of mood. Ready to do big things for your eyes, at the very best cosmetics counters.

Andrea – your personal eyedresser

How to use vintage false eyelashes from 1970

Different kinds of vintage false eyelashes 1970

Blue eyeshadow: The good, the bad & the ugly vintage makeup

Vintage false eyelashes: Lashes Unlimited, by Revlon (1970)

Introducing the world’s most wanted, most wearable high-fashion eyelashes. Plus Revlon’s exclusive Automatic Applicator, to slip lashes on almost as easy as lipstick.

A spectacular collection of lashes — the natural-looking kind only Revlon would go to such lengths to perfect.

Lashes Unlimited — for every great look in the book!

Different kinds of vintage false eyelashes

‘Demi’ — Little ‘jiffy’ lashes (half a lid- length). Perfect beginner’s lash. Just enough to zoom-up your eye size.

‘Basic’ — Totally believable ‘fill-ins’. Same length as your own. Fit without trimming.

‘Natural Full’ — The classic lash. Double thick. Yet so soft and natural they look like your very own.

‘Natural Fluff” — Feather-tipped lashes to thicken your own. Permanently curled and shaped, to stay fluffy even when wet.

‘Cluster’ — Individual lash clusters. The fashion look that once took forever to do, now takes seconds.

‘Starry’ — Wispy-tipped ‘starburst’ lashes that widen your eyes to a whole new size.

‘Starry-Full’ — Way out ‘starburst’ beauties. Extra full and thick, dramatically long, with flattering wispy tips.

‘Ultra-Full’ — The extravagant lash for girls who want lavish fullness and really sweeping length.

Vintage false eyelashes - Lashes unlimited by Revlon May 1970

False eyelashes are here to stay! (1967)

Now people won’t say they love your false lashes. They’ll say they love your eyes. (1970)

If everybody’s been asking you about your false lashes, toss them out and go get Coty’s Lash Originals. With the only applicator that really works.

Lash Originals don’t stand out like a couple of phonies. They just sit there quietly making your eyes look spectacular.

That’s because of two things.

First, we made them right. For instance, the little band that holds the lashes isn’t too thick. So it twines around your lid and snuggles into place. Which makes Lash Originals look grown on. Not thrown on.

Secondly, Coty’s never-fail applicator isn’t one of those impossible plastic frou-frou’s curved to fit somebody else’s eye. Ours really works. (Even if you’re all thumbs.)

It’s metal. And precise. And tiny. So it holds the lash right in the center. All you do is place our lash over the middle of your lash, count to 5 (so the adhesive gets a chance) and let go.


Oh yes. Lash Originals won’t fall off. Pop off. Or slip off. And we’ve got every kind of lash you’d ever want. From fine to full, uppers and lowers, in all kinds of trims and featherings. And even a little one to sleep with. Lash Originals are made of super-refined real European hair so they’ll last almost like they were your own.

Why did Coty wait so long to introduce anything as sensational as Lash Originals? We didn’t want to make any false promises.

How to apply vintage false eyelashes from 1970


Vintage false eyelashes: Newest eye-dea from Maybelline… it’s a natural. (1967)

Now… Maybelline Natural Hair Lashes are here. The “great fake” look is out. Like every beauty aid we offer, these flattering lashes are naturally, believably beautiful.

Carefully handmade from finest quality hair, they’re tapered and trimmed to fit your natural eyeline, then delicately double-feathered for extra beauty and an extra/ natural look.
Natural Hair Lashes

Maybelline Natural Hair Lashes come with gentle Surgical Formula Adhesive and easy-to-read picture directions. Just a little practice, and you’ll pat them on easily in a few minutes. They wear lightly ’til you take them off… soon you won’t feel natural without them! Natural Hair Lashes are.. .natural. So easy to apply. So sensibly-priced.

You’ll never know how lovely your eyes can be until you try them… new Natural Hair Lashes by Maybelline.


They’re so beautiful, look so real (1972)

Lashes too light to even feel

They’re actually lighter than hair… Maybelline Look Natural Lashes. Made of a fiber so super-fine they blend with your own lashes naturally, beautifully.

And because they’re lighter than hair, they go on easy, stay in place without popping up at corners. You’ll love our New Look Natural Lashes.

False lash types: Wisp, Crisscross, Flair, Demi-Wisp

maybelline false lashes oct 1972

Hip, mod false lashes: Revlon’s Private Eyelashes (1966-1967)

Finally! Fool-the-eye false lashes that don’t look phony, don’t cost a fortune — and anyone can put them on without batting an eye!

Let’s face it — for sheer glamour, nothing beats an extra helping of lashes. But if you’ve balked at the bother or shied away from the showiness, we can’t blame you.

Till now! Everything’s changed since Revlon invented a truly mistake-proof kind called PRIVATE EYELASHES. They look for all the world like the costly ‘salon kind’ — at a slice of the salon price! So simple to put on, you’ll become an instant pro, even if you’re all thumbs.

No fuss or feathering. No trimming. Ridiculously easy to apply! And they look so natural, they pass any eye-detector test. Our special adhesive keeps them in place till you remember to take them off (they feel so real, you forget they’re there!).

So go ahead-make those thrilling, killing eyes! (PRIVATE EYELASHES come complete with glue and how-to, in a handy little case. Choose from 2 super-natural shades: True Brown or Soft Black.)

false lashes

Revlon's Private Eyelashes (2)

Fashionable vintage false lashes: The crash of a lash (1967)

The new sound of fashion: the fetching flutter of an extra helping of lashes.

Private Eyelashes by Revlon. The foolproof kind. Don’t look phony. Don’t cost a fortune. And anyone can put them on without batting an eye.

3 wave-lengths: Demi, little jiffy size. Natural-Full, street-length version. Ultra-full, for the lady who wants to leave them gasping.

false lashes

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