Super stylish ’60s belts

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Super stylish '60s belts

In late 1968, you could prepare for the season of style before the summer of love, and choose from a profusion of glamorous ’60s belts to create exactly the look that suited you.

Jingle Belts from 1968

Jingle Belts

Get — or give — an option on opulence this holiday season. Choose from a profusion of glamorous belts and create a waist, high or low.

1. To hug you like a baby boa, the silvery snake belt. Whiting & Davis; about $15.

2. Golden links, two by two, end in a lucky four-link clover. R. Mandle; about $10.

3. Five slender chains gracefully festoon a festive waist. Abbe Creations; about $9.

Jingle Belts: Super stylish '60s belts

Jingle Belts: Super stylish ’60s belts – 4 through 8

4. A stretch belt praises your perfections in silver-toned scales. Dame; about $4.

5. The twist-link chain flips a coin of blue enamel. Schrager; about $4.

6. Little green enamel wreaths wrap you up for Christmas. House of Joy; about $13.

7. The signs of the zodiac shine on a heavenly, belt. Abbe Creations; about $9.

8. The glow of “pearls” sets off a pretty figure. Richelieu; about $4.

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Jingle Belts: Super stylish '60s belts

Jingle Belts: Super stylish ’60s belts – 9 through 13

9. Links hold a tiny purse for mad money or extra lashes Accessocraft; about $7.

10. Swirly Art Nouveau disks are strung between two chains. House of Joy; about $5.

11. Bright-colored ribbons run merrily through golden braid. Elegant; about $6.

12. Serpentine links twine sinuously around a waist. Abbe Creations; about $8.

13. Triple-decker chains, studded with mock turquoises. Garay; about $7.

Jingle Belts: Super stylish '60s belts

Jingle Belts: Super stylish ’60s belts – 14 through 18

14. Dangle a lavishly fringed Byzantine plaque. American Authentics; about $10.

15. Large openwork medallions set up a chain reaction. Capri; about $12.

16. Tiny gray beads move in circles on circles. R. Mandle; about $8.

17. A slinky twisting of “gold” and “silver” beads. American Authentics; about $6.

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18. Take a bead on the blue tasseled belt. Calderon; about $9.

Super stylish ’60s belts

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