1960s & 1970s belts like these still inspire fashion trends for men & women

Retro belts from the 1960s and 1970s

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The 1960s and 1970s were a time of great change and experimentation in fashion. Among the many trends that emerged during this era were a variety of belt styles that reflected the bold and daring spirit of the times.

From the luxe and blingy chain belts that ruled the 60s, to the bohemian flair of fringed 70s belts, to those giant cowboy belt buckles that trended later in the decade, these styles were popular among both men and women, and remain iconic — and a design inspiration — to this day.

Here, take a look at some of the most popular styles of 60s and 70s belts and belt buckles, and how they continue to inspire fashionistas even all of these years later.

Groovy 60s belts

Fashion’s newest knock-out chain belts (1968)

Go ahead. Hang one on. Or two or three. Choose now from four clinky, linky, new chain belts. They’re fashion’s zow-iest new zing-things to wear waist-high or hip-low! Each is 39″ long.

BELOW: Reversible Plank Belt — hot pink, bright orange, yellow, green and white plastic planks — reverses to solid white. Brass Block Belt — bright brassy blocks on a chain.

1960s chain belts - Reversible Plank Belt and Brass Block Belt

BELOW: Daisy Belt — hot pink, bright orange, chartreuse, blue and green plastic daisies. Reversible “Tortoise Shell” Belt — tortoise shell finish on one side, pewter on the other.

Retro 60s chain belts - Daisy Belt and tortoiseshell belt

Vintage 60s chain belts for juniors & women (1968)

From Seventeen (December 1968)

Get — or give — an option on opulence this season. Choose from a profusion of glamorous belts and create a waist, high or low.

Vintage 60s chain belts for women (1968)

1. To hug you like a baby boa, the silvery snake belt. Whiting & Davis; about $15.

2. Golden links, two by two, end in a lucky four-link clover. R. Mandle; about $10.

3. Five slender chains gracefully festoon a festive waist. Abbe Creations; about $9.

Jingle Belts: Super stylish '60s belts

Jingle Belts: Super stylish 60s belts – 4 through 8

4. A stretch belt praises your perfections in silver-toned scales. Dame; about $4.

5. The twist-link chain flips a coin of blue enamel. Schrager; about $4.

6. Little green enamel wreaths wrap you up for Christmas. House of Joy; about $13.

7. The signs of the zodiac shine on a heavenly, belt. Abbe Creations; about $9.

8. The glow of “pearls” sets off a pretty figure. Richelieu; about $4.

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Jingle Belts: Super stylish '60s belts

Super stylish 60s belts – 9 through 13

9. Links hold a tiny purse for mad money or extra lashes Accessocraft; about $7.

10. Swirly Art Nouveau disks are strung between two chains. House of Joy; about $5.

11. Bright-colored ribbons run merrily through golden braid. Elegant; about $6.

12. Serpentine links twine sinuously around a waist. Abbe Creations; about $8.

13. Triple-decker chains, studded with mock turquoise. Garay; about $7.

Jingle Belts: Super stylish '60s belts

Retro 60s belts – 14 through 18

14. Dangle a lavishly fringed Byzantine plaque. American Authentics; about $10.

15. Large openwork medallions set up a chain reaction. Capri; about $12.

16. Tiny gray beads move in circles on circles. R. Mandle; about $8.

17. A slinky twisting of “gold” and “silver” beads. American Authentics; about $6.

18. Take a bead on the blue tasseled belt. Calderon; about $9.

Super stylish ’60s belts

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Bold 70s belts

9 retro belts from 1972 (Sears)

1. Novelty perforations and tooling all around this top-grain cowhide belt. Great with today’s casual fashions. Rich tobacco brown with gold-color metal prong buckle; leather loop. About 13/4 inches wide; 39 inches long. Adjustable.

2. Navy blue belts are always in the fashion scene, particularly this self-covered buckle and loop style. Top grain cowhide. About 2 inches wide; 38 inches long.

3. Double row of eyelets in top grain cowhide calls attention to any casual wear . . adds fashion interest. Double-prong antiqued metal roller buckle; leather loop. About 2 inches wide and 38 inches long. Chestnut brown.

4. Distinctive tooling in deep red top-grain cowhide. Smart-looking antiqued embossed metal prong buckle. About 2 inches wide; 38 inches long. Ratchet beneath buckle lets you adjust belt to your size.

Retro belts from 1972

5. Swirl-design patchwork suede leather belt is a real eye-catcher .. one that goes with virtually any of today’s swinging fashions. Vinyl-backed with a corded edge; leather-covered slide buckle. About 2 inches wide and 38 inches long. In vibrant shades of curry brown, rust brown, royal blue, grass green, pimento red, purple and lilac.

6. Ultra-smart tone-on-tone. 2-inch wide chestnut brown sueded top grain cow-hide belt has a contrasting 1/2 inch layer of rust brown sueded cowhide; trimmed with yellow saddle-stitching. Suede-trimmed gold-color metal double-prong buckle. About 38 inches long. Ratchet beneath buckle lets you adjust belt to your size.

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7. Black, always a fashion must, goes a step farther here in a smart contour-styled belt. 2 inch-wide sueded top grain cowhide with stitched edges. Perforations circle the entire belt to fit at waist or hips. Intricate polished brass-color metal hook buckle. Suede loop. Measures about 38 inches long.

8. Link Chain looks great with so many of your favorite fashions. Belt of gold-color textured aluminum circles with chain tassel drop at each end. About 48 inches long. Use the adjustable hook closing or tie it loosely to wear around the waist or neck.

9. Rectangular grommet styling on royal blue sueded top grain cowhide. Polished brass-color metal prong buckle and grommets. Suede loop. About 38 in. long; 13.4 inches wide.

Retro 70s belts for women (1973)

Retro 70s belts for women (1973)

Belts for ladies from 1975
Belts for women from 1975

29 fancy vintage men’s 70s belts & giant cowboy buckles

Designs include shark, “Do it in the dirt” (dirt biking), grizzly bear, CB initials (for CB radio), skateboard, The Six Million Dollar Man, Toughskins, Indian profile, Farrah Fawcett, King Kong, Bicentennial, Budweiser, Schlitz, Coors, Aspen (Colorado), Billy the Kid, a buffalo nickel, Pepsi Cola, King Kong and Elton John. 

Fancy men's belt buckles from the 1970s

Vintage Buxton belts for men (1972)

Vintage Buxton belts for men (1972)

Vintage 70s belts and buckles for men (1973)

Vintage belt styles and buckles for men (1973)

Retro belts for guys from 1973

Retro belts for guys from 1973

Basic split leather belts for men (1978)

Came in 6 colors: brown, white, rust, navy, latigo & black

Split leather belts for men (1978)

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