The care of kid gloves (1899)

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The care of kid gloves

Economy in small things is often overlooked, and if only more consideration were given to this subject, quite a considerable sum of money might be saved annually.

The careless manner in which a very large number of ladies treat their gloves is an instance in point, and perhaps the following hints may serve to show how the reasonable care of kid gloves would result in a reduction of expenditure:

In the first place, it may be pointed out that rough handling is specially disastrous to kid gloves, and it very often happens thi-t a new pair are split and ruined by Jerking them on in a careless fashion. Always put on a new pair of kid gloves for the first time long enough before they are to be worn to allow of due deliberation in the task.

When a pair of fine gloves are bought, the purchaser should insist that they be fitted on in the shop; then if there are any flaws, they will be detected before the gloves are paid for and taken away.

Cheap gloves are generally risky investments, but some of the best shops keep a fairly good line of gloves at low prices, which are worth buying for common wear. If strong and well-made, they will serve for shopping and morning walks, or for bad weather.

In putting on a glove, be careful to get each finger straight. Coax each one on by rubbing gently with the thumb and first finger until the fingers are down to the very ends.

In taking the gloves off, turn the wrist over the fingers and take hold of the ends of the fingers through the wrist. It wears a glove out badly to pull it off by catching hold of the fingertips. Pull the glove into shape and lay aside carefully. Silk should be kept to match each shade, and gloves should be mended as soon as a break appears, for the old proverb. “A stitch in time saves nine,” is especially appropriate to these articles of attire. Glove mending is delicate work, which requires both skill and dexterity, and when well done pays admirably for the pains taken. Glove powder should form one of the adjuncts to every toilet table, and a pretty glove stretcher another.

French women set a good example, and have made quite an art of putting on gloves, and this is why a Parisienne’s gloves last her four times as long as anybody else’s.

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Buttoning gloves should never be done in a hurry. The wrist should be carefully and gently pulled straight and the buttons insinuated gently into the holes. Use a glove buttoner always; it ruins both the button holes and the finger tips to button them without.

After purchasing a new pair of gloves, always sew the buttons on before wearing them. The annoyance of having the buttons drop off will then be avolded.

– Woman’s Life


Top imagine: Women fitting gloves, from Ladies’ home journal (September 1906)

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