High-set Psyche knot is the latest hairstyle (1921)

High-set Psyche knot is the latest style in hair dressings

The day of the smoothly-dressed, neatly-netted hair is past in Paris.

Waves and short curls about the face, and the high-set Psyche knot made of finger puffs, as shown in the illustration, comprise the latest thing in hair dressing, especially for evening wear. In many instances, a larg circular comb is thrust into the hair as a support of the Psyche knot, which is dressed so softly that without other security than ordinary hair pins, it would be in danger of falling.

These “back” combs are of varying degrees of elaborateness and beauty. Many are set with diamonds or other precious stones, while the reviavl of the cameo is evidenced in its frequent use in their designing.

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