What is Pickleball? (1976)

What is Pickleball? (1976) - Paddles and ball
What is Pickleball?

A nickel for a pickle? It’s political.

Pickleball is: (a) an hors d’ouevre on the sour side; (b) a Christmas tree ornament; (c) a delicatessen decoration; (d) none of the above.

If you chose (d) give yourself a prize. It’s a game invented by Rep. Joel Pritchard [R-Seattle] and the brother-in-law of [Washington State] Governor Dan Evans, Bill Bell. And lately, interest in it has picked up.

Evans has installed a pickleball court at the executive mansion. A local high school has purchased the necessities for the game, and recently a court, balls and paddle were donated for auction to a fund-raising event.

Pickleball is played on a 44-by-20 foot court, across which is a net strung as high as Pritchard’s hip bone — literally. Players, two or four, use wooden paddles slightly larger than those for table tennis to bat around hollow plastic balls full of holes — like whiffle ball, but about the size of tennis balls.

One scores when his opponent can’t return the ball.

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What is Pickleball? (1976) - Paddles and ball

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