Vintage Parcheesi: The board game that’s been around for more than 140 years

Vintage Parcheesi board games have been around for more than 140 years

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Antique Parcheesi game – EG Selchow and Co (1879)

Bayard Taylor, in his entertaining book entitled “India, China and Japan,” mentions this peculiar game of India, which he saw at Delhi, formed of marble on a large and magnificent plan, occupying a portion of the King’s palace grounds as follows:

“Within these fairy precincts like the garden, still overrun with roses and jessamine vines, in the midst of which fountains are playing. There is also a court, paved with marbles of various colors, so as to form a Parcheesi board. This is a game somewhat resembling backgammon, but instead of ivory pieces, it was played by Akbar and his wives, or eunuchs with girls, who passed from space to space as the moves were made.”

We have arranged this attractive game on a folding board, for the parlor or center table, each one in six handsome colors and accompanied with an elegant box, containing the twenty-four pieces used in playing, with the diagram and directions for two distinct games.

Popular edition is bound in durable and handsome green paper (imitation cloth) with scarlet labels printed in best gold bronze. A box containing eight dice, sixteen counters of heavy pasteboard, and directions accompany the board; the whole forming the most complete and attractive dollar game in the market.

Antique Parcheesi game - EG Selchow and Co from 1879

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When did you last play Parcheesi? (1979)

Maybe you played it as a child, within earshot of “The Shadow” on radio. Or maybe it was that long-ago summer by the lake. Or it could have been last week in the family room.

No matter. Parcheesi, the Royal Game of India, has been around for a hundred years or more. It’s still as much fun now as when bejeweled rajahs played it with their favorites when the monsoons kept them indoors.

Think about it. If it wasn’t fun to play, could it have lasted this long?

Selchow & Righter: Another name for fun and games

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Vintage Parcheesi game 1979

Antique board games: The Game of Four Nines (Parcheesi)

This is a simple and easily-learned game, in which chance and skill are combined in about the proper proportion to suit the great majority of players.

Two, three or four may play, and the interest never lags from start to finish. The board is the folding style and very handsome. Implements are put up in a separate box. Size of playing board: 18-2/3 x 18-1/2. 

Victorian board games - The Game of Four Nines - Early Parcheesi

Antique Parcheesi board game from 1922

An old-fashioned game which never loses its popularity. Two, three or four may play at one time. Back of board is covered with imitation leather; front is brightly-colored. Four dice cups, four dice, and 16 brightly-colored counters are included.

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Antique Parcheesi board game from 1922

Vintage Parcheesi family party from 1967

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Parcheesi family party from 1967

President Calvin Coolidge playing Parcheesi game with family (1923)

President Calvin Coolidge playing Parcheesi game with family 1923

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