12 facts about 15-year-old Jason Bateman! (1984)

Just about Jason Bateman!

Here are some fun and surprising tidbits on the adorable star of TV’s It’s Your Move!

  • Cute Jason loves toying around with computers!
  • Jason would love to fly his own airplane someday! Part of his fascination for flying comes from his mother, Victoria, who’s an airline stewardess!
  • Jason’s hooked on sports! Basketball is one of his all-time favorites!
  • It's Your Move - David Garrison and Jason BatemanWhat gets this blue-eyed guy nervous? “I get nervous if I’m going to be late to a major function. I also really get nervous on live television,” he confesses.
  • What means the world to this down-to-earth actor? “My most prized possessions would probably be my scripts. I keep all my scripts so I can see them when I’m old and gray,” he confides. “I’d gather around with my grandchildren in front of the fireplace and show them all the jobs that I’ve done since way back. I think that would be neat,” he sighs.
  • Jason cranks up his stereo to music by The Police and Van Halen!
  • This brown-haired actor was born in Rye, New York on January 14, 1969, which makes him 15 years old!
  • Japanese and Itlihan foods satisfy Jason’s hearty appetite!
  • Is there a habit that’s hard for Jason to break? Yes! He admits he often leaves the radio on when he goes to sleep at night.
  • Jason isn’t bashful in revealing, “I worry a lot! I worry about my career and if I’m going to end up being a bum!”
  • Jason, whose nickname is “Jake,” stands 5’3″ tall and weighs 105 pounds!


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