Discover the baby nursery monitor from Fisher-Price (1985)


Fisher-Price lets you be in two places at once.

Discover the Nursery Monitor, an easy-to-work, one-way intercom that lets you hear what your baby is up to, when you’re out of earshot.

Just plug in the transmitter in the baby’s room during naptime, and take the portable receiver with you, all over the house. It even clips to your belt or pocket, so your hands are free. And of course, the sound quality is superlative.

We’ve added other nice extras: a battery indicator light, an AC adapter and flexible antennas. And like everything Fisher-Price designs, it’s rugged and easy to operate. So to keep tabs on that little cough, or to know when naptime is finished, or if you just think the sound of your baby is better than anything on the radio, keep tuned to the Fisher-Price Nursery Monitor.

Who says you can’t be in two places at once?

The Nursery Monitor by FisherPrice

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