Creative ways to wrap oddly-shaped gifts (1963)

Creative gift wrapping ideas

by Mrs CS Stone

Skillet Lollipop. Tape lid inverted to skillet and cover with cardboard circle. Pad feet with extra tissue paper. Wrap skillet, smoothing tissue over cardboard and glue on a swirl of beads. Slip a colorfully wrapped cardboard tube over handle and add a decorative ribbon.

Blender Snowman. Gather double sheets of tissue paper around the blender base and blouse it for roundness. Tape, and then repeat for center and head ball. Trim it with ribbon; top with a checkered paper bowl hat. Snip a tissue “thatch” for his blender broom handle.

Coffeemaker Penguin. Wrap appliance in white. Form and tape black tissue head over lid handle. Cover body with double sheets of black tissue leaving white vest exposed. Fasten with red bow tie and holly sprig. Add butterscotch candy eyes, yellow tissue beak and feet.

More gift wrap ideas: Fanciful package wraps for pennies are ingeniously contrived with brown paper, crayons, marking pen, self-stick paper, and cardboard. TV snack holds tangy tidbits; bake-shop, an elegant display of cookies; the boot, a prized jar of jam; and milk carton house, luscious candy.


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