1978 Buick Regals: Down-to-earth dream cars

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1978 Buick Regal. Down-to-earth dream car.

1978 Regal. Outwardly, the shape is clean. Uncluttered. Inside, it’s pure magic. In the way it looks. In the way it feels. All in all, a dream car.

Yet in the interest of functionality, the new Regal is much trimmer than last year’s model. To make it more maneuverable in city traffic. Easy to park.


Regal Coupe and limited models are equipped with GM-built engines supplied by various divisions. 

It’s the Regal Sport Coupe – The new Regal. What it is, is a little science. And a little magic. At your Buick dealer.


The Turbocharging of America.

There are only two turbocharged production cars made in America. Both of them are Buicks.



There are four turbocharged production cars in the entire world.

Two of them are Buicks: Buick Regal Sport Coupe & Buick LeSabre Sport Coupe.


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