Vintage 1970s Rubbermaid garden goods: Plastic border fences & more for front and back yards

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Vintage 1970s Rubbermaid border fences and more for the garden

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For the front yards and backyards of the ’70s, here are a few vintage 1970s Rubbermaid garden goods. See retro-style plastic borders and more for the lawn, plus a little something special just for the birds.

Vintage 1970s Rubbermaid garden goods for the ’70s home (1974)

Five practical things for the lawn and one for the birds, from Rubbermaid.

There’s durable, bendable Picket Fence, which goes up in a breeze. And Border Edging, which makes your grass stop where you want it to stop.

And, of course, Tree Trim. To help you get organized, a Shelf & Tool Organizer. And a Carry Caddy.

For the birds, Bird Feeders. In three styles. And everything is maintenance-free. So they make your grass seem just a little bit greener.

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Vintage Rubbermaid plastic border fence for garden (1974)

Rubbermaid Border Fence: An easy way to make your place look pretty (1972)

Rubbermaid Border Fence is flexible, so it will fit around anything. It can’t rust, so it never needs painting. You can leave it where you put it in any weather.

It costs as little as $1.98 for a 10-foot section, so you can use it just about anywhere.

Rubbermaid Border Fence. It’s one of those little personal touches that make a house a home.

Rubbermaid Border Fence (1972)

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