Post-war housing: Start living in a thrift home (1950)

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Start living in a national thrift home

Lowest-cost, quality home on the market

Created by nation’s largest producer of prefabricated homes… now available in 500 cities! Nearly 25,000 home-owning dreams have come true with National Homes… why not let us make yours come true, too? For a small amount down and small monthly payments you can move into a new “Thrift Home.” Using the best of materials and streamlined production methods, National offers the utmost in housing value. Get the facts now!

Look at these fine-home features

  • Spacious living room, picture window
  • Youngstown kitchen
  • Modern bathroom
  • Economical warm air furnace
  • Automatic water heater
  • Long-lasting marine plywood exterior; shingle walls or weatherproofing available
  • Interior walls are crack-proof, waterproofed, room-size panels — joint-free
  • Ivory eggshell finish throughout; no painting or papering needed
  • Eligible for FHA and VA insured mortgage loans

15 floor plans offer you 94 variations in designs

Thrift and De Luxe models to suit every family taste and need; 2, 3 or 4 bedrooms, with or without basement. Look in classified phone book for your National Homes dealer.

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