’58 Dodge Power Giants: Big work pickup trucks

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Business builders…

New prestige-styled ’58 Dodge Power Giants… 4-way leaders of the low-priced 3!

That’s a lot to expect — one truck that leads all four ways. But your new, budget-priced Dodge Power Giant does just that. For Dodge is the handsome husky that’s designed to turn more heads… shoulder more cargo… cover more ground… and whittle more costs than any other low-priced hauler afloat this year. And with good reason:

1. Dodge leads in Styling… with rich chrome grilles, smart dual headlights, bold new lines that echo your own pride in your business every time your Dodge truck spins through town!

2. Dodge leads in Power… actually delivers up to 27.5% more horsepower than other popular-priced models. Cross-town or cross-country– here’s bonus power that trims engine wear, lets you set schedules with a stop watch!

3. Dodge leads in Payload… with capacities that let you haul up to 3 more cargo per load than other low-priced makes. You save trips… save time… save money.

4. Dodge leads in Economy . . . with low prices plus exclusive Power-Dome V-8 engines that minimize carbon deposits to give you full power — and top mileage — on regular gasoline.

Make no mistake: The ’58 Power Giant you choose — V-8 or Six — is much more than a new truck. It’s a new kind of truck… and it’s priced to be yours! May we prove it to you? Just visit your Dodge dealer for a convincing test drive… and get his special Dodge Truck 40th-Anniversary deal!

prestige-styled '58 Dodge Power Giants

New ’58 Dodge Power Giants pay off big…

…are the 4-way leaders of the low-priced 3

Two-fisted, but tight-fisted, too! That’s the financial report on today’s all-new Dodge Power Giants. Operators who keep a close tab on expenses find low-cost Dodge trucks are sound investments because they’re first in all four important ways:

1. First in Styling. You get the prestige bonus of sculptured flowing lines, dual headlamps, gleaming chrome-sweep grilles and luxury interiors that set new truck styling trends.

2. First in Power. Up to 27.5% more power than competitive trucks in all popular models! Dodge offers as much as 234 hp. to give you more pulling power, plus more pep in busy traffic !

3. First in Payload. Payload is the pay-off in truck operation, and Dodge Power Giants give you up to more payload per trip. You save man-hours, trips, and fuel, because Power Giant construction adds extra strength without adding weight!

4. First in Economy. Only Dodge has the exclusive Power-Dome V-8 engine design that demands more miles from every gallon. . . reduces harmful carbon deposits . . . cuts upkeep costs. You start saving with Dodge Power Giants when you buy them — they’re priced with the lowest. Right now, you save even more, with your Dodge dealer’s special 40th-Anniversary deal!


Just out: All-new ’58 Dodge Power Giants 4-way leaders of the low-priced 3


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