Abraham Lincoln’s campaign materials (1860)

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Abraham Lincoln: Republican candidate for President of the United States – 1860


Description from the US Library of Congress: “A print for a large campaign banner or poster for Republican presidential candidate Abraham Lincoln. It features a central roundel with a bust portrait of the candidate, flanked by standing deities Justice and Liberty. Justice (left) holds scales and a sword, while Liberty (right) holds the Constitution and a staff with Phrygian cap. An eagle with wings spread perches atop the roundel, behind which are several American flags on pointed staffs. Below the roundel a document ‘The Union’ and a fasces lie on the ground.”

Large flag campaign banner

For president, Abram Lincoln.

For vice president, Hannibal Hamlin.

This is a large (approximately 23″ x 35″) campaign banner printed in color on cotton. The flag has 33 stars… along with a sideways portrait of Lincoln, and the presidential candidate’s name is misspelled.


Campaign buttons

These campaign pins were made by inserting tintype photographs into metal casings, each one decoratively embossed with the candidate’s name and the year 1860. The actual badges are each about 1″ in diameter.


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Presidential campaign banner: Lincoln & Hamlin

The Union must and shall be preserved

Free speech, Free homes, Free territory

For President: Abraham Lincoln of Illinois

For Vice President: Hannibal Hamlin of Maine

Protection to American Industry


Published by W H Rease, Philadelphia, 1860; courtesy LOC

Lincoln & Hamlin

Per the LOC: “Bust portraits of Lincoln (left, based on Thomas M. Johnston’s life portrait) and Hamlin appear in oval frames draped with a large American flag and surmounted by a rail fence on which perches an eagle. A burst of light and several flags radiate from behind the eagle. An olive branch (left) and oak branch (right) enclose the central portraits. The branches join beneath a view of the White House. A copy of the Constitution and ‘U. S. Laws’ and a Bible and inkwell are also included.”


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