Christmas dinner from the White House (1889)

Original publication: The Salt Lake Herald Date: 25 December 1889
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The White House in 1889


What the Leading Ladies of the Land Recommend


Mrs Harrison’s Sausage Rolls — Mrs Noble’s Sauce — Mrs Kenna’s Regent Punch — Mrs Cullom’s Chocolate Creams

By Miss Grundy, Jr.

The leading ladies of Washington have been called upon to furnish a special dinner for your readers. They have responded nobly, and from the wife of the President to the leading society cooks of the congressional circles, have with their own hands written out recipes for Christmas dishes which their own kitchens have proved good. The dishes they recommend are not expensive, and the dainties here described are all within the limit of a family with an income of $1200 a year or less.

The Christmas dinner of the President and his cabinet will be like yours. They will have their turkey and their plum pudding, and at the White House the menu, which has been written out for you by the President’s cooks, will be as follows:


Blue Point oysters, half shell.

Consomme royal.

Bouches a la reine.

Turkey, cranberry jelly.
Potatoes duchesse. Stewed celery.
Terrapin a la Maryland.
Lettuce salad, plain dressing.

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Mince pie. American plum pudding.

Ice cream. Tutti frutti.
Lady’s fingers, macaroons, Carlsbad wafers

Apples. Florida oranges.
Bananas, grapes, pears.

Black coffee

The cabinet officials will eat nearly the same, only Secretary Rusk will have to omit tho mince pie for that robust genial gentleman has dyspepsia.

Vice President and Mrs Morton tell me that their Christmas dinner will not include much more than turkey and plum pudding. “It is children’s day with us,” said Mrs Morton, “and we have a simple menu. We have few relatives to invite, and we give the day and the dinner to our five daughters.”

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Source publication: The Salt Lake Herald

Publication date: 25 December 1889

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