Smart summery swimsuits for women (1955)

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Summertime cottons by Catalina

For summer, nothing is more “fitting” than a Catalina cotton! These glamorous swimsuits slim the hips, diminish the waist, and give your bustline the gently rounded new look.

LIFE Jun 6, 1955 Catalina swimsuits

“It” as in Italy

… This is glamour, Italian style… the new all-girl natural beauty look, the alfresco look, the look of Gina and Silvana and Anna.

Jantzen: Most beautiful, most beautifying swim suits in the world

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LIFE Jun 20, 1955 jantzen swimwear


Sweethearts in swimsuits

For you… and the one who makes your temperature rise… Catalina look-alike swimsuits!

LIFE May 23, 1955 Catalina swimsuits


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Torso-oh! Thanks to Jantzen “Shapemakery”

LIFE May 23, 1955 Jantzen swimsuits


Lovely things happen to you in a Catalina (swimsuit)

LIFE May 16, 1955 Catalina swimsuit


Bathing beauties grow on trees

LIFE Jun 6, 1955 Jantzen swimsuits

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