Designed to be your first laptop computer (1987)

Original publication: Time Date: September 28, 1987
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The first laptop designed to be your first laptop

Sharp proudly announces the arrival of our laptop computer. We’ve named it the PC-4501. You’ll call it the ideal first laptop.

Because it packs the power of a full-size desktop in a convenient laptop bundle. It sports features like 256K dynamic RAM. 3-1/2″ floppy disk drive. Flip-up, easy-to-read Supertwist LCD display.

You’ll also get a laptop that’s IBM compatible, expandable to 640K RAM, and an optional second 3-1/2″ 720KB floppy disk drive. And, since it can run on batteries, it’s completely portable.

One more thing you’ll enjoy: a price that will pamper your wallet.

For firsthand information on the new PC-4501, see your Sharp dealer.

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Source publication: Time

Publication date: September 28, 1987

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