i80s: Retro Apple Computer merch & rainbow-logo clothes from the ’80s

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Even back in the early days, Apple Computer was known for their apple-shaped logo — but from 1977 to 1998, that icon was a multi-colored rainbow of user-friendliness.

In keeping with the fun and friendly style, you could buy all kinds of Apple-branded merchandise — from gym bags to running shorts, and thermoses to apple-shaped cutting boards. (There was nary an iTowel or iKite or iMug moniker in use then.)

The item we vote as least likely to represent the brand today: the silver satin jacket with logos on the front and back. How could we help but love something so deliciously ’80s? Just look:

Apple retro satin jackets with rainbow logo from 1983

Below, take a look back to what else was available on the pages of “The Apple Collection” catalog in 1983. No matter how tacky or tenuous its connection to the brand, one thing’s for sure: every single thing shown here is now a collector’s item. (Click on any image below to start your slideshow.)

Apple Collection Catalog: Apple-branded merchandise from 1983

This edition of the apple collection brings together a wide assortment of fine, private-label clothing and equally fine personal accessories for the home, office, and great outdoors.

Each item has been carefully selected for its quality, craftsmanship, utility, and design, using the same high standards you’ve come to expect of all products bearing the distinctive Apple logo.

Apple’s colorful signature currently adorns more than three-quarters of a million Apple personal computer systems. It is a symbol of excellence worldwide, associated with the finest money can buy.

And that’s exactly what you’ll find in the apple collection: a top-quality line of fine gifts and personal items possessing style and long-lasting value.

Apple wouldn’t have it any other way.

Apple Collection Catalog cover

Athletic gear from Apple

Sailboard from Apple

Beach towel from Apple Computer

Cotton jerseys from Apple

Polo shirts and jewelry

Hats from Apple Collection Catalog

Gym bags

Sport jackets

Hats and satin jackets

Party snack set

T-shirts from Apple Collection Catalog

Picnic basket from Apple Collection Catalog

Picnic supplies

Cutting board and apron

Desk accessories

Office accessories

Briefcase from Apple Collection Catalog

Pens and planners

Beet stein from Apple

Order form from Apple Collection Catalog

Running clothes

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