Coney Island’s Dreamland Tower (1904-1911)

Dreamland Tower, Coney Island, New York

From The New York Tribune – June 28, 1908

At Coney Island: Luna Park’s numerous places of amusement are enjoying public favor. There are several novelties this year that are especially attractive, and those in search of amusement will not fail to find them. The battle between the Monitor and the Merrimac is one of them.

Dreamland and its beautiful tower attract the eye of the pleasure seeker long before Coney Island is reached. There is capital amusement under and about the big tower, and all the novelties are enjoying a large share of favor. A special attraction is an exhibition of high diving by a young woman.

Not the least amusing feature of Dreamland is Bostock’s exhibition. Those who visit Dreamland should visit Bostock and his elephant Blondin.

Postcard above courtesy NYPL coney-island-dreamland-1910


Dreamland ad from The New York Tribune – May 27, 1904

Ad from The New York Tribune, May 27 1904-dreamland-coney-island

Dreamland was open from 1904 to 1911. Read more about this ambitious amusement park here.

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