Vintage wall stickers & paper cut-outs like these were quick & easy DIY home decor

Vintage wall stickers

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There were lots of vintage paper art cut-outs and wall stickers available in the ’60s, ’70s & ’80s — easy ways to decorate rooms at home, temporarily or long-term.

Because they didn’t require the expense or permanence of wallpaper, they could be added without needing to hire someone to help.

Giant fairytale wall stickers for DIY child’s bedroom decor (1967)

20 enchantingly beautiful fairy tale decorations — instantly turns child’s room into fun filled fairyland

Giant wall stickers for DIY child's bedroom decor (1967)

20 giant wall display decorations in full color for your home (1967)

Complete set of wide-eyed dancers and decorations magically converts walls into gaily-colored room setting

Imagine decorating your home with these full-color, dynamic wide-eyed youths. You get 6 dancers, an electric guitar and a strummin’ guitar, a portable record player, 2 albums plus 2 records, a cherry flip soda, a phone, musical notes, an exciting sign, and even a big transistor radio!

The moment you mount these decorations in your room, you change its whole appearance, and the entire room jumps with color and new excitement.

Vintage wall decor - 20 giant wide-eyed go-go dancers (1967)

Paper cut-outs: 26 of Walt Disney’s most famous characters decorating your child’s room!

Children love the magic of Walt Disney characters. Snow White, Pinocchio, Donald Duck and 25 other all-time favorites will make your child’s room as gay and colorful as Disneyland.

These characters are printed in full color on luxurious durable art-board. They are so big they easily decorate a 10-foot wall. They’re easy to punch out and put up, and your child will have loads of fun arranging them.

The only way to appreciate the color and charm of these superb Walt Disney character wall decorations is to see them on your child’s wall. Be the first in your neighborhood to transform your child’s room into a magical Disneyland.

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Disney wall stickers - Bedroom decor (1972)

Vintage Raggedy Ann and Andy wall stickers – Decals and decor from Clopay (1974)

Yes, it’s an enchanting atmosphere that CLOPAY can help you create with Raggedy Ann and Andy window shades. A dash of Andy and self-adhesive decorative coverings and Lintone vinyl yard goods.

Then your children will always be in the company of friends in a bright and comfortable world. Add a little whim, and such things as dressers. desk tops. toy chests and hampers take on added personalities as well!

All it takes is CLOPAY and a little imagination. And, all CLOPAY products are easy to work with…. self-adhesive decorative coverings are washable, vinyls that you simply apply after you pull off the paper backing. Lintone, too, is easy-care vinyl and comes in convenient 54-inch widths just perfect for drapes, table covers, even bedspreads.

So. go on. create a totally warm and friendly environment for your children with CLOPAYS new Raggedy Ann and Andy window shades, decorative coverings and Lintone vinyl yard goods.

Vintage Raggedy Ann and Andy wall stickers - Decals and decor from Clopay (1974)

Super retro ’70s wall decor with adhesive ConTact paper

Con-Tact: The self-adhesive you just peel off and apply

SEE MORE: Vintage ConTact paper & Rubbermaid shelf liners: Easy ’70s home decor with adhesive vinyl

Retro Con-Tact paper self-adhesive vinyl

Retro Winnie-the-Pooh baby wall decorations (1983)

Retro Winnie-the-Pooh baby wall decorations (1983)

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