Vintage Coca-Cola Christmas ads, starring Santa (1931-1963)

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“My hat’s off to to the pause that refreshes” (1931)

Old Santa, busiest man in the world, takes time out for the pause that refreshes with ice-cold Coca-Cola. He even knows how to be good to himself. And so he always comes up smiling. So can you.

Over nine million a day… it had to be good to get where it is.



Away with a tired, thirsty face (1933)

Refresh yourself and be alert. Bounce back to normal.

Of course old Santa, busiest man in the world, has his weary moments. But he always comes up smiling. He knows how to pause and refresh himself with an ice-cold Coca-Cola, and rebound to a happy normal… This great drink is a perfect blend of those pleasant, wholesome substances which foremost scientists say do most in restoring you to your normal self. It is really delicious and will refresh you.



“Give and take,” say I (1937)


That extra something! (1942)

… You can spot it every time



There’s this about Coke… (1954)

“It’s my gift for thirst”

Leave it to old Santa — he knows the importance of choosing Christmas presents to fit the occasion. He knows something about refreshment, too. This merry world traveler could tell you that ice-cold Coca-Cola is the perfect gift for thirst — in Mombasa, in Rome, in Rio… or where you live.



… talk about being good! (1950s)



Santa with elves pouring Coke (1960)



“Dear Santa: Please pause here. – Jimmy.” (1963)


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