Rival Crock-Plate multi-purpose cooker (1977)

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Rival Crock-Plate

The Rival Crock-Plate multi-purpose cooker has a high-fired stoneware plate that does the work of several appliances.

You can panbroil, bake, poach, steam, and fry. Make everything taste good, from meat and potatoes to fancy desserts. The cooking plate’s high, even heat-sears foods quickly without sticking and seals in juices for irresistible flavor. The stoneware resists scratching and needs no special care or utensils.

You cook on the plate — a whole meal at once. Serve on the plate. And wash just one plate instead of all those pots and pans. Because Rival knows you love to cook, but hate to clean up.

  • Make four crepes at once. Omelets, too.
  • Stir-fry Oriental foods and ethnic treats.
  • Cook bacon, eggs, and pancakes.
  • Party foods. Hot hors d’ouevres.

Be more of a cook and less of a dishwasher.


Crock-Plate: Stoneware Fast Cooker

Rival makes things better for you.

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