Microsoft’s RAMCard with RAMDrive…

…takes the whir, click and wait out of the IBM PC.

Solid state disk. When you add the Microsoft RAMCard to your IBM personal computer, you also add RAMDrive, which lets you use memory as you would normally use a disk. That gives you “disk access” that’s typically 50x faster than disk. Without the whirring, clicking and waiting of mechanical data access…

February-March 1982

PC Mag Feb-Mar 1982 microsoft ram


When IBM built their newest toolbox, they came to Microsoft for tools.

February-March 1982

PC Mag Feb-Mar 1982 microsoft ibm


MS-DOS gives you the only complete set of software tools for 16-bit systems. Now. From Microsoft.

Systems and Applications. Now. The success of any microcomputer system depends on the amount of software available for it. And the ease of writing more. Microsoft MS-DOS is the only single-user operating system fully-supported by Microsoft’s 16-bit languages: BASIC Interpreter, BASIC Compiler, COBOL, FORTRAN and Pascal…

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December 6, 1982

InfoWorld Dec 6, 1982 microsoft


Turn your Apple into the world’s most versatile personal computer.

Microsoft - Apple into the world's most versatile personal computer 1982

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