Fifties fun in Disneyland: See early rides at the famous California amusement park

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Disneyland and the magic of happiness

Main Street, USA – Carefree Corner (1957)

Can you put yourself in this picture? Your whole family at Disneyland! They call it “the happiest place on earth.” And with reason — for something wonderful happens here. Everybody feels it — some magic in the place simply whisks away all cares.

1957 Disneyland

Tomorrowland (1957)

Ever see a family so thrilled? They’re finding out all about space from the Space Man himself.

1957 Disneyland family Tomorrowland

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Sleeping Beauty’s Castle at the entrance to Fantasyland (1957)

1957 Disneyland castle

Steamboat Mark Twain (1957)

1957 Disneyland steamboat

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Disneyland’s Skyway Ride (1958)

1958 Disney Skyway ride

Dumbo ride at vintage Disneyland (1958)

Every family man wants his wife and children to enjoy a wonderful today, unclouded by worry about tomorrow. A day in Disneyland is just such a wonderful today, where folks young and old can lose themselves in a world where everything is fun, everyone’s a friend, and nobody worries.

1958 Disneyland Dumbo ride

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Whirling teacups ride at Disneyland (1958)

Every father would like to take his family on a whirl through Walt Disney’s Magic Kingdom. And at home, he wants to enjoy the daily whirl with that same wonderful freedom from care.

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1958 Disneyland teacup ride

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