The ’73 Ford Torino: More car than you expected (1972)

Ford Torino is the year’s best mid-size value

We expect you to say “prove it” when we tell you Ford Torino is the year’s best mid-size value.

Okay. Proof:

Torino has an all-new body/frame construction for strength and quiet. Torino is bigger inside this year.

Torino has a new improved rear suspension to reduce body sway and take the bite out of bumps. Torino has new, better power steering, if you choose, that gives you the feel of the road and quick positive handling.

And Torino gives you front Wheel disc brakes. Standard.

Torino’s even built a little heavier and a little wider for a better ride and greater stability. We call it the “Easy Handler.”

Only Ford Motor Company has completely redesigned its mid-size cars for 1972 . . . to make them better values for you. Choose from 9 models including the first Gran Torino.

Torino is quite possibly more car than you expected.

Find out at your local Ford Dealer’s.


The closer you look, the better we look.

It took a lot more than a smooth ride to make Ford Torino the best-selling car in the mid-size field. 

Behind Torino’s smooth ride are better ideas in engineering. Like angle mounted shock absorbers for increased directional stability. Rubber body/frame mounts that help isolate the passenger compartment from road shocks. And a coil spring rubber insulated front suspension that minimizes noise and road vibration.

Inside you’ll find more room up front. Plus the kind of luxury you’d expect from high priced automobiles.

Remember ABC's Friday family TV nights back in 1970, with these kid-friendly sitcoms?

So take a good, close look at Ford Torino for ’73. Discover why it’s become the best-selling car in the mid-size field.

The solid mid-size car.

We built our Ford Torino to be the best 4-door value in the mid-size field.

Check it out.

Only Ford Motor Company completely redesigned its mid-size cars for 1972.

Ford Torino’s all-new suspension and body frame construction produce an unusually smooth, quiet ride. With remarkably easy handling.

You’ll find our 4-door models are sticker priced no higher than our 2-door models.

We redesigned them, too, as Pillared Hard-tops. This adds structural support and precise door and window fit. And since the 4-door wheelbase is longer, you get more room, more comfort.

Motor Trend experts checked out the four-door Torino and named it “Sedan of the Year.”

In fact, most people who check Torino like it. This year it’s outselling every other car in the mid-size field.

Check it out yourself. At your Ford Dealer’s.

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