How to get hot eighties hair & makeup (1982)

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Start the season with a to-the-minute layer cut like the ones shown here for short, medium, and long hair.

The beauty of these flattering cuts: Unlike yesterday’s choppy layered styles, these are softly shaped with gradual layering that adds natural “built in” body and volume (take our hair-on-end silhouettes to your hairstylist!). Another bonus — they work with hair that’s fine or thick. straight or curly. The latest technique in the new layering: snipping the end of each section in a “V” and not straight across, for feathery lift.

Medium-length hairstyle

Great style for this length hair, layered shortest in front, gradually longer in back, finished with brow-skimming wisps. We gave our model’s super-straight hair some curl by spritzing with setting lotion when almost dry, then setting in stand-up pin curls, all going back (simply form a regular pin curl, clip on underside only).

To style: With head forward, lightly brush, then back-comb for fullness. Because it’s out for volume, this style even looks great with no set at all.

Medium-length vintage hairstyle


Short hair style tips from the eighties

Sleek, easy-care cut that’s perfect for any type of hair, especially natural wave that needs some control. It’s layered all over, shortest at top, longer mid-back and at nape.

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Here’s how to get the extra height, the smooth stylish shape — without a set! Mist damp hair with some setting lotion, then, as you blow-dry (use a diffuser), finger-comb and fluff hair in an up-and-back direction, lifting as you “comb.” Or let this cut air-dry — just “finger style” as above to help it take shape as it dries.

Short hair style tips from the eighties

Long hair style tips from the ’80s

Layer long hair around the face for softness, movement, and it instantly takes on the free-and-easy appeal of a shorter cut! If your hair is fine- textured, the new layer cuts give the illusion of thicker hair, too!

To get the wave, more volume: Mist damp hair with setting lotion, then place palm against your head, grasp a handful of hair, lift, then “scrunch” the hair in your hand as you blow-dry (use a diffuser attachment for gentle air flow); hold a few seconds, release. Repeat until all hair is dry.

Long hair style tips from the '80s

Some top makeup tips: eighties-style
Polished pewters

For knockout evening glamour, try deep burnished pewter on eyes; balance with magenta red on lips. To achieve the eye drama: Apply shadow on lid, then line entire eye with same shadow, using sponge-applicator tip. Reline bottom lid with pencil.

’80s makeup tips: Prairie Pales

Merle Norman’s color-washed shadow, highlighted. Black kohl pencil rims eyes.

A sheerly romantic way to complement prairie fashions, and more — with gentle shades of wheat and heathery blue-gray on eyes, desert coral on lips and cheeks. They’re tints with true color, add up to a look that’s flattering for anyone, a natural for blondes.

Trendy '80s women's shoes from the 1983 JC Penney catalog

Eighties makeup: City Brights

From Elizabeth Arden: gemstone green shadow, golden highlighter, ink-blue pencil.

Make-a-statement colors with a soft edge create this sophisticated fall face-dramatic at, night, dynamic for day. Shimmering topaz is smoothed on eyelids, intensified at corners, then blended upward; entire eye is lightly rimmed in deepest blue pencil.

’80s makeup: Country Rustics

Here, Aziza’s khaki eyeshadow. beige highlighter, brown kohl pencil.

To wear with classic autumn tweeds . . . the new earth colors- khaki, copper, coral — with warm brown undertones that flatter any complexion, especially a redhead’s.

The focus here, and for all the palettes shown, is on eyes and lips. Cheek color is barely there.

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