See Bill Bixby pitch Dietac diet pills in these ads from the ’80s

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Bill Bixby ad for Dietac diet pills -1982

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Back in the ’80s, The Incredible Hulk & Courtship of Eddie’s Father actor Bill Bixby was the spokesperson for Dietac diet pills. Here’s a look.

Actor Bill Bixby: Introducing Maximum Strength Dietac (1981)

A new diet aid without caffeine or other stimulants.

Anyone who’s ever gone on a diet will tell you: starting it is easy, sticking to it is hard.

That’s why the people at Contac have developed something new: A diet aid capsule with maximum strength to really help you stick to your diet. But without caffeine or any other stimulants.

New Maximum Strength Dietac has 50% more appetite suppressant than most other diet aids. This appetite suppresant (it’s called phenylpropanolamine) has been found safe and effective in years of clinical testing. And it recently received the endorsement of a US Government Advisory Review Panel.

Maximum Strength Dietac comes in two forms: Once-A-Day timed release; and Twice-A-Day capsules. Both give you maximum appetite control all day. Both make sticking to your diet almost as easy as starting it. Maximum Strength Dietac. It gives your diet a fighting chance.

Bill Bixby for Dietac diet pills - 1981

The company behind Dietac & Contac on choosing Bill Bixby for their ads

Excerpted from The Record (Hackensack, New Jersey) May 14, 1980

Menley & James took special care in the selection of a spokesman for Dietac, she explained. Bill Bixby, who plays David Banner on the television series “The Incredible Hulk,” was chosen because of his warmth, sincerity, and ability to relate well to both men and women.

“Bill Bixby’s image is one that fits our product,” she continued. “He is ethical, responsible, credible, and geniuine, and that’s the image we meant for our product.”

About The Incredible Hulk TV show, plus see the show's intro (1978-1982)

1981 Bill Bixby Dietac diet pill TV commercial

Courtship Of Eddie's Father theme song & lyrics (1969-1972)

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