20 old-fashioned cake recipes from the turn of the century

20 old-fashioned cake recipes from the turn of the century

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1. European Sponge Cake

Beat fourteen eggs and one pound of fine sugar well in a kettle, then set in a hot water bath and beat until thoroughly heated. Beat cold again, until light and firm; add one tablespoonful of water. Sometimes it may be necessary to beat warm the second time, to get it firm. (It must be somewhat standing up, before setting down smooth, when you take out the batter, before it can be called done.)

Stir into this one pound of sifted pastry flour, in which two ounces of cornstarch may be mixed and one tablespoonful of lemon. Bake medium hot, say 360 degrees.

2. Large Sponge Cake

Beat up well in a bowl the yolks of eighteen eggs with one pound of powdered sugar; beat very stiff the whites of eighteen eggs and arid one-fourth of it to the sugar in, the bowl, then mix in lightly one pound of sifted pastry flour (one-half pound of cornstarch and one-half pound of flour mixed, is still better), the rest of the whites of egg and lemon or vanilla. Bake slowly and well in large paper-lined tin, at 350 degrees.

3. Vienna Sponge Cake

Beat the whites of twenty-eight eggs very stiff (it is best to use it two or three days old); add by handfuls one pound of powdered sugar, then the yolks of twenty-eight eggs, and last one pound of fine cake flour; mix as light as possible; bake quick in deep, square mould.

This cake must be raised in a quick heat; if not, it gets dark in color before it is done. When once done raising and half baked, open the dampers or doors, and finish slower. Cut in five cent squares, and dust well with sugar. Bake at 400 degrees.

4. Pound Cake

One pound of powdered sugar and one pound of good dry butter, rubbed to cream; add slowly, one at a time, ten eggs, which you beat a little first, and in warm weather, keep in ice water; then mix in one pound (good weight) of pastry flour, mace and vanilla. It is best to add flour by the handful.

Bake in cool oven, about two hours; if not sure of its being done, stick a broomstraw in the center to the bottom, and if it pulls out clean, without dough on it, the cake is done.

old-fashioned cake recipes
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5. American Sponge Cake

Beat up one pound of powdered sugar with twelve eggs, set in hot water bath until warm, beat until it does not run down quick from the beater, when raised; then add lightly one pound of pastry flour, sifted, with one-half of an ounce of baking powder. Bake in duchess tins at about 360 degrees.

6. Gold Cake

One-half of a pound of butter, three-fourths of a pound of sugar, rubbed to cream; add slowly five eggs, one-third of a pint of milk, and then one pound of pastry flour with one teaspoonful of baking powder, a little egg coloring and vanilla. Bake in flat squares at 370 to 380 degrees.

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7. Marble Cake

Take the above gold cake mixture. Place one-half of a teaspoonful of red coloring in a china bowl and mix in enough dough to make it a bright red. In another bowl melt one-third of a pound of chocolate; and mix also with enough of above dough.

Now fill a paper-lined pan half full with plain gold cake dough; with a spoon make four deep furrows in it, fill them alternately with red and chocolate; fill up to the top with plain cake dough, and smooth over. Bake like citron cake (below).

8. Citron Cake

Rub one and one-half pounds of butter with one and three-fourth pounds of powdered sugar to cream; add slowly one and one-half pints of egg whites, then two pounds of flour with one-half of a teaspoonful of baking powder; beat the eggs a little first; add one and a half pounds of citron, sliced thin and rolled in flour; almond flavor. Bake at 370 degrees.

9. Lady Cake

Cream together two pounds of powdered sugar with one and one-half pounds of butter; rub in slowly the whites of eight eggs, then beat the whites of eight more eggs to a froth and add part of it to the above, the rest alternately with two and one-fourth pounds of pastry flour. Bake at 350 degrees.

10. Silver Cake

One-half of a pound of butter, one-half of a pound of lard, one and one-half pounds sugar, all creamed together; add one pint of egg whites slowly, then three-fourths of a pint of milk with one-fourth of an ounce of soda in it; then two pounds of flour with one-half of an ounce of cream of tartar; mix light. Bake at 370 degrees.

11. Wedding Cake

Cream together one pound of butter with one and one-fourth pounds of powdered sugar; add slowly twelve eggs; then one and one- fourth pounds of pastry flour with one-half of an ounce of baking powder; soak one and one-half pounds of washed currants, one and one-half pounds of stoned raisins, three-fourths of a pound of sliced citron, with brandy; mix to above dough; add one-half of a nutmeg.

12. Dark Wedding Cake

Take pound cake mixture (genuine) and add one-half of a pint of Porto Rico molasses, two ounces of cinnamon, allspice and cloves, one teaspoonful of vanilla, one teaspoonful of almond, one and one- half pounds of currants, one and one-half pounds of seedless raisins, three-fourths of a pound of sliced citron, all mixed well; one glass of sherry wine, one glass of brandy. Bake very slowly.

13. Wine Cake No. 1

Cream together two pounds of sugar with three-fourths of a pound of butter and lard; add eight eggs slowly, one quart of milk, vanilla or lemon, three pounds of flour and two ounces of baking powder. Dust with sugar before baking. Bake at 370 degrees.

14. Wine Cake No. 2

Cream together two pounds of butter and lard, four pounds of sugar, two pints of eggs, three pints of milk, six and one-half pounds of flour, five and one-half ounces of baking powder, egg coloring and mace. Prepare as above.

15. Strawberry Shortcake No. 1

Make a rich tea biscuit dough of three pounds of flour, six ounces of butter and lard, two and one-half ounces of baking powder, a little salt, and one quart of milk; roll out in round layers one-fourth of an inch thick, wash one layer a little with butter, lay another on top and bake.

Take apart, spread with butter on the soft side, fill well with berries and juice and set the top on, spread with berries again, and pour juice over all. Have berries mixed well with powdered sugar for one hour.

16. Strawberry Shortcake No. 2

Take layer cake (plain layers), spread well with meringue (the whites of six eggs beaten with one-half pound of powdered sugar), spread with berries, dust with sugar, lay another layer on top, spread again, set the berries in rows on top, sprinkle with sugar, ornament a border around the edge with the meringue, and set a few minutes in the oven to brown the top.

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17. Angel Food

Beat the whites of ten eggs very stiff; sieve together one-half of a pound of powdered sugar, five ounces of pastry flour, one-half of a teaspoonful of cream of tartar; mix all very light in the snow; one teaspoonful of vanilla. Dip your molds in cold water before filling. Bake in a moderate heat about thirty minutes. As soon as baked, turn the mold upside down, but rest on one side, so the air can circulate under it.

18. Jelly Cake

Cream together two pounds of sugar with, one pound of butter and lard; add slowly eight eggs, then one and three-fourth pints of milk, and lastly, three pound of flour with two ounces of baking powder. Grease the tins well and lay a small square piece of paper in the center. Fill half full and smooth on top. Bake quick and turn out at once on sugar dusted paper. Trim the edges a little, spread bottom layer with jelly, set another one on top; spread again, setting another layer on top. Frost with lemon icing, and draw thick lines through it with a jelly cornet; cut through crosswise, then with the back of a knife. Or you can spread the tops with jelly, laying a border of coconut around.

19. Chocolate Layer Cake

Same as above, only fill and cover with chocolate frosting. Draw a few cross lines in white frosting over the chocolate, and run through crosswise with the back of a knife, or lay a border of walnut halves over the top.

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20. White Mountain Cake

Bake thick layers with the following mixture: One and one-half pounds of sugar and twelve ounces of butter creamed together; add slowly the whites of twelve eggs, one pint of milk, and two pounds of flour with one and one-half ounces of baking powder; almond flavor. Set two layers together with jelly; cover well with light meringue; dust with coconut and set a minute in hot oven, to brown the top.

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