Inside Linda Gray’s home (1982)

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Linda Gray & Ed Thrasher’s home

Home for the Thrashers is a ranch complete with a dog, two horses, three cats, and five adopted peacocks

Eleven years ago when Ed, Linda, and their children, Jeff and Kelly, decided to move from an apartment in Encino to a home of their own, they bought three acres north of Los Angeles and asked an architect to build them an open, informal ranch house.

“Because it was in the earthquake area,” says Linda, “we wanted a one-story home. It was supposed to he finished in January 1971, but it wasn’t, so we lived in a trailer for six months, moving into the house as soon as workmen found us space. Even though we had to wrap everything, including ourselves, in drop cloths or plastic, we loved our house. We still love it today — it’s stood the test of time.”

Linda Gray home - Oct 1982 (3)

Linda Gray home - Oct 1982 (2)

Linda Gray home - Oct 1982 (4)

Linda Gray home - Oct 1982 (1)

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