Teach him to dial 0 to always have a friend (1972)

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Teach him to dial “0” and he’ll always have a friend.

Of all the important things your child should learn, there’s one he should learn right away.

That’s how to dial “0” when he needs help in a hurry and doesn’t know the number.

Because the telephone operator is a friend who wants to help and, what’s more important, can help in an emergency. It’s important. It may even be critical. Because a frightened, crying child’s ability to dial “0” could save a life. Your child’s life. Maybe yours.

Tell your child not to be afraid to call. After all, 100,000 times a day, the sick, the injured and the frightened dial “0” for help.

We know handling emergency calls is too important a job to learn on the job. So our operators learn in practice sessions, where they receive simulated calls. How to get an ambulance. How to alert the fire department. How to contact medical help.

Our operators not only learn how to get the right help in a hurry but, what’s more, they know the incalculable value of staying on the line, reassuring the caller until that help arrives. Of course, the extra time and training that operators receive in order to handle emergency calls costs extra money. But it’s worth it. Because you know there’s always help on the other end of your telephone line if you dial “0.”

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