Fantasy Island opening credits (1977-1984)

fantasy island-roarke tattoo

Welcome… to Fantasy Island!

Airing for seven seasons on ABC, from 1977 through 1984, Fantasy Island featured Ricardo Montalban as the mysterious Mr Roarke, the overseer of a mystical island in the South Pacific where people could come and live out their fantasies — whatever they may be.

The show also featured Herve Villechaize as Roarke’s unforgettable sidekick Tattoo, who became known for his enthusiastic “De plane! De plane!” catchphrase, signalling the arrival of new guests.

Fantasy Island was also well known for its long list of illustrious guest stars, which reads like a Who’s Who of Hollywood. (If you were working in the business during those seven years, Fantasy Island was apparently the place to be seen.)

fantasy-island_smiles everybody

A brief sampling of the other actors & actresses who appeared on the show: John Astin, Frankie Avalon, Scott Baio, Bill Bixby, Joan Collins, Annette Funicello, Andy Griffith, Engelbert Humperdinck, Vicki Lawrence, Heather Locklear, Maureen McCormick, Roddy McDowall, Joe Namath, Michelle Pfeiffer, Regis Philbin, Lynn Redgrave, Sugar Ray Robinson, Cybill Shepherd, Vic Tayback, Abe Vigoda, Tom Wopat and Dick York.

And now… smiles, everyone! Smiles!


Fantasy Island opening and closing theme video

“Smiles, everyone — smiles!”



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