Retro yellow & pastel bedroom decor (1967)

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Carleton Varney’s Room of the Month

My November room is warm and sunny — adazzle with yellow, the go-with-anything color. By itself, yellow is neither masculine nor feminine, so it’s ideal for master bedroom or guest room. And yellow works with any color you can think of. Combine it with pastels for a soft, summery effect. For drama, use it as a backdrop to more intense colors — navy, scarlet, emerald. I think you’ll agree: With yellow, anything goes!

Who says bedrooms are designed just for sleeping? I designed this room with a chaise lounge for reading or doing needlework, a skirted table for cozy snacks, bedside tray tables for breakfast in bed. The room as I found it (far left) was darkish and small, so I chose light colors and — as the floor plan shows — small-scale furniture.

Greens, reds, blues and oranges keep company with yellow on flower-sprigged bed linens, a country-style rug and patchwork quilt and pillows. I chose bright accent colors for winter; for simple summertime change, see next page. The bedroom seems larger than it is because I’ve used airy wicker and uncluttered louvered shutters.

Cotton upholstery with just a hint of pattern lends eye appeal when applied to an inexpensive wooden dresser. Greenery and a group of cherished family portraits add warm touches.

I love a chaise lounge in a bedroom. But it can overwhelm a small space. To avoid a crowd scene, I chose wicker, slipcovered in white.

A mood change is easy when you start with a yellow scheme. Here, in my summertime bedroom treatment, I use a lacy white headboard that lets the yellow wall glow through. The bed linens have been changed to a no-iron “seersucker” with the fragile look of a bridal bouquet. A sunny yellow blanket replaced the patchwork quilt, and a grassy green baby pillow completes the summer-garden effect.

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