See a ’60s kitchen remodel with Frigidaire’s ‘wife savers’ home appliances

60s kitchen remodel with Frigidaire wife savers home appliances

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What can we do with this horrible old kitchen?

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Frigidaire saves her from covering leftovers.

A special storage area in this Frigidaire Frost-Proof Food-life Preserver Refrigerator helps keep turkey from shriveling, celery from wilting, and pudding from turning into concrete. With this completely new kind of refrigerator, she’ll never have to cover leftovers again.

The Frigidaire Automatic Ice Maker saves her from filling, spilling and refilling ice trays. It stores a party supply of non-stick cubes right in the door. Instead of wasting space in the freezer.

New! Frigidaire saves her from serving cold meals.

These infra-red food-warmer lamps help keep a platter of pancakes, or a panful of eggs warm all breakfast long with-out over-cooking… hold a hot dinner without burning. All with a flick of the eye-level controls.

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Save her from cleaning an oven by hand. The Frigidaire Electri-clean oven cleans itself. Automatically. (Even the oven racks and drip bowls!) Just set the controls. Next time you open the oven, it’ll be so clean, all you’ll see is a trace of ash.

New! Frigidaire saves her from searching for detergents.

The exclusive built-in laundry cabinets in this Frigidaire High Fashion Washer and Dryer make it much easier to reach detergents, bleaches, and softeners. This beautiful pair makes a complete home laundry center. (Available soon.)

It’s Frigidaire’s patented Deep Action Agitator. (Sends powerful surges of water through your clothes, for really deep cleaning.) It outdates old-fashioned blade type agitators.

Buy her a Frigidaire appliance… because Frigidaire bothers to build in more help.

These are a few of the many innovations in Frigidaire’s 1968 line of refrigerators, electric ranges, washers, dryers, food freezers, dishwashers, disposers, built-in wall ovens, cooking tops and room air conditioners. 


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More than beautiful! These exciting Frigidaire features are real wife-savers. 

Do you like this gorgeous kitchen?

We’ll be glad to send you a floor plan, and answer your questions. Just write to: Consumer Relations, Frigidaire Division, General Motors…

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Frigidaire wife savers - appliances - july 1968 (4)

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  1. Give me the classic ’40s kitchen over the ’60s one any day! Just add some upper cabinets and freshen up the paint and it would be timeless and fit right in to a more traditional-styled or transitional home. Even love the old “schoolhouse” lights.

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