Leonard Bernstein for a new musical sound (1959)

Columbia guaranteed stereo-fidelity is sweet music to Mr Bernstein’s ears

Leonard Bernstein is the supremely-gifted permanent musical director of the New York Philharmonic. He is also a serious composer, a piano virtuoso and the author of four Broadway musicals. On television, he has discussed the “innards” of music ranging from Beethoven’s Ninth to modern jazz.

Mr Bernstein admits that all music gives him goose pimples. When this picture was taken, he was enjoying a severe case. The reason: a playback of a new recording in a totally new kind of sound called Columbia Guaranteed Stereo-Fidelity.

People who have listened to Columbia’s Guaranteed Stereo-Fidelity are agreed — with Mr Bernstein — that there is nothing else like it on records. There has never been sound so big, or clean, or spacious, or real.

The way to find out what they mean is to sample it yourself. Ask at your record dealer’s to hear one of Mr Bernstein’s new recordings — and ask to hear it on one of the remarkable new Columbia Stereo-Fidelity Phonographs.

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