Gas kitchen ranges (1950)

Magic Chef gas range

“Folks say our food’s like lunch at the St Moritz since we got our new simple-to-use Magic Chef gas range…” And how the famly will cheer your Magic Chef Meals! You’ll be cooking like expert chefs at famous hotels — they use Magic Chef, too.


Tappan gas range

Such nice things happen when you take Tappan… Nice looking / Nice cooking / And such a nice buy!


Ultramatic Caloric gas ranges

“My Caloric spoiled me for any other range”


The new 1950 gas ranges

Save $30 to $100 now… You get the best for less this Calorific CP gas range and all the other completely new, completely automatic 1950 gas ranges built to CP standards prove again that Gas has got it! Save up to $37 year after year.

Baked meatloaf dumplings recipe (1950)

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