How Lake Almanor got its name (1927)

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About California’s Lake Almanor

Here’s a story, of a man named Earl, who was bringing up three very lovely girls.

Indeed, the man’s name was Guy C Earl, and he was Vice President of Great Western Power — the company who constructed a dam on California’s Feather River that created a reservoir in 1926/7.

As one of the head honchos, Earl had the privilege of naming the new body of water, and he decided to create a unique moniker inspired by his three daughters — Alice, Martha and Eleanor. The reservoir was henceforth dubbed Lake Almanor — AL for Alice, MA for Martha, and NOR for the end of Eleanor.

Many years later, the three daughters posed for a photo together in front of the dam their father had built. Left to right are Alice, Martha and Eleanor:

Alice, Martha and Eleanor - Lake Almanor

If not for Guy Earl, the site might not even be. That’s because Martha, here in white, is also my great-grandmother.

Lake Almanor photo by Jose and Roxanne

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2 Responses

  1. I have a rare professional photo of the three sisters when they were much younger although they are still very beautiful. I aquired the picture from storage locker and had it authenticated through the local museum who said its “priceless” I wish I could find out more info.

    1. Are you willing to share a copy of the photo? I have a forest service lease cabin that was built about the same time as the dam. It would be great to display the photo.

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