Antique babies: Cabinet card portraits of baby boys & girls

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Baby boy in a long white gown



Antique cabinet card portrait of a baby

Photographer: W A Flower, Perry, Oklahoma



Kansas antique cabinet card portrait of a startled baby

Dewey & Dewey, Manhattan, Kansas


Photo thanks to ksunshine


Chubby, cherubic little baby – antique cabinet card


Photo thanks to bandj.images


Little girl in a white dress on a wicker chair

Photographer: Bolton


Little dark-haired baby all in white

Gramm – Mt Horeb, Wisconsin


Portrait thanks to shananigans68


Young child with curls in her hair

Sheets and Armstrong, 412 Main Street, Wellsville, Ohio


Photo courtesy columbiatique


Dark haired infant in a long white (Christening?) dress

Photographer CR Baker, Detroit, Michigan


Photo courtesy eau-n-sophie


Bald baby in a padded chair – vintage cabinet card photograph

Photographer E A Thatcher, Tipton, Indiana



Baby in a chair, wearing a lacy white gown


Photo thanks to rare_attic_treasures

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