Retro bath towel styles of the 1950s

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These vintage bath towel styles are so very fifties — the colors, the patterns, the sculpting, and the advertising copy used to sell them. Or, as Cannon’s team wrote, “Choose from a variety of designs! Rich solids, smart stripes, plaids, charming florals, modern scupltured effects. Each will lift any bathroom from doldrums to delight!”

Do luxury towels cost too much? (1953)

LIFE Feb 23, 1953 bathroom towel styles

Yellow flowered towels and orange bath towels

LIFE Jan 5, 1953 old-fashioned towels

Green sculpted towels and green and white striped bath towels (1953)

LIFE Jan 5, 1953 towels 1-001

LIFE Jan 5, 1953 retro towels

Magic colors (1953)

Cannon towels come in 22 magic colors that you can blend, mix or match to suit your mood. And, deep tones or pretty pastels, these colors stay fresh as paint!

LIFE Jan 5, 1953 - retro bath towels

Grab your hat and scat (1953)

Long looped, thickly looped, every Cannon towel is as blissful to feel as it is to see. Better grab your hat and scat… to your favorite store today. Ask for Cannon’s January specials. They’re wonderful!

LIFE Jun 15, 1953 vintage bath towels

Bet you’re surprised at how little these Cannon beauties cost! (1952)

LIFE Dec 8, 1952 towels

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These towels are precious and “priceless” (1953)

… They wear the Cannon Gold label

LIFE Oct 5, 1953 towels

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