140+ vintage 1950s wallpaper samples for some real retro decor inspiration

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The 1950s wallpaper samples below come from the 1953 wallpaper book by Sears, Roebuck and Co., and the 1953 Montgomery Ward wallpaper catalog.

As you’ll see, people in the fifties were wild about wallpaper with nature themes — especially flowers and leaves. Tile-like patterns and whimsical designs were also popular, while the trending colors were green, pink and brown/beige neutrals.

Wallpaper artistry

The designs are the work of the most talented wallpaper artists of both America and Europe. The range of styles has been selected to give you the latest in home furnishing trends, as in the smooth-textured effect of modern paper — and also the finest of the traditional, as in the classical rose pattern.

The coloring has been done by experts, who have created papers which harmonize distinctively when used as companions in adjoining rooms or are equally beautiful when used alone.

See them here! 140 1950s wallpaper samples

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It’s one thing to see these pictures of 1950s wallpaper samples on your screen… but how they appeared in real life was a little different.

For example, picture a room with all four walls covered in one of these patterns. Then imagine 5 different rooms like that, but each with a different wallpaper.

Then realize that this is around the same time that people were prescribed some of the first tranquilizer medications. Connected? You decide.

About the vintage Sears wallpapers

There is a Pre-Trimmed wallpaper pattern in this book for every type room in your house, that “goes together” with your color scheme and harmonizes perfectly with every type and period of furnishings. Decoration made easy! Easy to hang! Economical!

About the vintage Wards Hallmark wallpapers

Quality costs so little when you buy Wards Hallmark wallpapers. Elsewhere you would pay three to four times as much for comparable papers, yet at Wards low prices, you get quality features which are found only in the finest wallpapers.

Every Ward paper has a border especially selected and colored to match — to add the finishing touch to your room. Border, and harmonizing ceiling papers as well, are listed with each pattern in the book.

Not only Wards Hallmark papers, but many of our less expensive papers also, are coordinated in design and color for use in adjoining rooms — to help you achieve decorating unity and beauty most easily.

Extra wallpaper has many purposes

If you have a roll or so left over when you have finished paper, we suggest that you keep this extra wallpaper and put it to work. It means economy — you can use it later, on worn or soiled spots. It can also add charm to your rooms: Cover a screen to make it decorative … cut out designs for “decals” or placemats.

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