Toys, ride-ons & other Playskool fun (1979)

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Meet Alphie & Freddie…

They’ve got something to teach.

Alphie is an amazing electronic robot who makes learning fun. He plays tunes, question and answer games, and super board games to help a little one learn colors, counting, letters, rhyming and so much more.


Space Spinner

For little space specialists… there’s Space Spinner. Pick it up and it’s automatically activated. Listen as the sound builds higher and higher.


Wheels make their world go ’round

A toddler’s first tentative steps from mommy to daddy are filled with adventure and encouragement. But once that’s mastered, toddlers still need practice.


Dressy Bessy & Dapper Dan dolls

We make learning to tie a bow as much fun as learning to draw one

That’s why Playskool created Dressy Bessy & Dapper Dan. Two helpful, huggable friends to practice buttoning, tying, zippering and snapping.

And when it comes to learning to spell and draw, it’s even more important to make practicing fun. Playskool does it with a sturdy three-in-one desk, complete with magnetic spelling board, chalkboard, pegboard and all the necessary supplies to practice creating words, pictures and designs.

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Publication date: October 1979

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