Classic actors & actresses: See 75 vintage stage stars from the 1900s

Classic actors and actresses vintage stage stars from the 1900s

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Through 75 artistic antique color covers of The Theatre magazine, take a peek back in time from the first decades of the twentieth century to see these classic actors & actresses who performed onstage more than 100 years ago.

From the magazine’s first issue (1901)

THE THEATRE, recently known as Our Players’ Gallery, starts on its career with good will to all; prejudice against none.

Its purpose is to put before the public in an attractive form all that is going on in the sister worlds of Drama and Music, the text being profusely illustrated with fine reproductions of photographs of scenes from plays and operas, and of artistes.

Theatre magazine first issue (1901)

THE THEATRE is not intended only to appeal to the relatively small class directly interested in the stage, but it has the broader aim of winning favor among the great general public — always interested in the doings of the theatre and its people — who will see in this periodical the most complete and elaborately illustrated chronicle of the stage ever issued in this country.

Theatre Magazine cover 1901 06

In THE THEATRE will be found pictures from the principal scenes of every play produced in the United States and from many of those produced abroad.

There will be also published in each issue many portraits of actors, actresses, and singers, which will have been posed specially and exclusively for THE THEATRE. Its cover, printed in six colors, will be maintained at the high artistic standard of the present number.

vintage stage stars from 1901

The policy of THE THEATRE will be to approve and encourage everything that tends to elevate the tone of the stage and add to the dignity of the profession of the artiste.

It will praise good work, by whomsoever done — playwright, actor, manager, scene-painter — and censure fearlessly where Art has been trampled upon and debased.

The general plan and programme of THE THEATRE having been communicated to some of those prominently connected with the stage, their expressions of approval and good will are appended below.

Victorian-era actors on stage

75 vintage stage actors & actresses on covers of Theater Magazine (1901-1922)

covers of Theater Magazine (1901)

Classic theater stars

Old theater stars

Classic theater stars

Miss Viola Allen (1902)

Classic theater stars

Miss Mary Mannering (1902)

Miss Mary Mannering (1902)

Mrs Fiske (1902)

Mrs Fiske (1902)

Miss Margaret Anglin (1902)

Miss Margaret Anglin (1902)

Miss Grace George (1902)

Classic theater stars

Classic theater stars

Miss Mabelle Gilman (1903)

Miss Mabelle Gilman (1903)

Miss Blanche Ring (1903)

Blanche Ring

Miss Irene Bentle (1903)

Miss Irene Bentley

Miss Edna Wallace Hopper (1903)

Vintage theater actors and actresses

Miss Anna Held (1903)

Theatre Magazine cover 1903 01

Miss Lillian Russell

Theatre Magazine cover 1903 02

Miss Cecelia Loftus (1903)

Theatre Magazine cover 1903 03

Miss Blanche Walsh

Theatre Magazine cover 1903 04

Miss Annie Russell

Theatre Magazine cover 1903 05

Miss Blanche Bates

Theatre Magazine cover 1903 10

Miss Maude Folly

Theatre Magazine cover 1903 11

Miss Viola Allen

Miss Viola Allen

Theatre Magazine cover 1907 07

Antique stage actors and vintage theater

Theatre Magazine cover 1911 01

Theatre Magazine cover 1911 02

Soprano Louise Gunning

Soprano Louise Gunning

Theatre Magazine cover 1911 04

Miss Blanche Bates (1912)

Theatre Magazine cover 1911 05

Theatre Magazine cover 1912 08

Theatre Magazine cover 1914 09

Theatre Magazine cover 1914 10

Theatre Magazine cover c1912

Miss Julia Sanderson (1914)

Theatre Magazine cover 1914 11

Theatre Magazine cover 1915 01

Miss Billie Burke (1915)

Miss Billie Burke (1915)

Theatre Magazine cover 1915 03

Theatre Magazine cover 1915 04

Miss Mary Fuller (1915)

Miss Mary Fuller (1915)

Theatre Magazine cover 1916 01

Miss Marguerite Leslie (1916)

Miss Marguerite Leslie (1916)

Miss Edith Wynne Mathison (1916)

Edith Wynne Mathison (1916)

Theatre Magazine cover 1916 05

Miss Mary Pickford (1916)

Miss Mary Pickford (1916)

Theatre Magazine cover 1916 09

Stage actress Miss Marjorie Rambeau

Theatre Magazine cover 1916 11

Theatre Magazine cover 1916 12

Miss Hazel Dawn

Miss Hazel Dawn

Theatre Magazine cover 1917 03

Theatre Magazine cover 1917 05

Theatre Magazine cover 1917 11

Theatre Magazine cover 1917 April

Theatre Magazine cover 1918 03

Miss Lenore Ulric

Theatre Magazine cover 1918 05

Theatre Magazine cover 1918 06

Theatre Magazine cover 1918 07

Theatre Magazine cover 1918 08

Theatre Magazine cover 1919 08

Miss Faye Marbe (1920)

Theatre Magazine cover 1920 08

Theatre Magazine cover 1920 10

Theatre Magazine cover 1920 12

Theatre magazines from 1921

Theatre Magazine cover 1921 08

Theatre Magazine cover 1921 10

Theatre Magazine cover 1921 11

Theatre Magazine cover 1921 12

Theatre magazine covers from 1922

Theatre Magazine cover 1922 01

Theatre Magazine cover 1922 02

Theatre Magazine cover 1922 03

Theatre Magazine cover April 1922

Theatre Magazine cover 1922 10

The mirrors of stageland (1922)

Theater magazine cover - 1922

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More about the magazine (1907)

Says the Chicago Inter-Ocean: “It is the Abou Ben Adhem of the magazines, for it leads all the rest in merit, typographical appearance and contents.”

The Theater Magazine is edited by Arthur Hornblow, and publishes every month impartial and authoritative criticisms of all the leading plays, liberally illustrated, and reproductions of striking scenes from plays, portraits in black and white of prominent players, and one sumptuous colored full-page portrait done so artistically that they are eagerly sought for by collectors, and are alone worth the price of the magazine. – The Pittsburgh Press (April 18, 1907)

The Theater Magazine Pittsburgh Press April 18 1907

>Foreword from the editors (featured at the top of the page)

Theater Magazine first issue 1901

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