How to make a cute retro jelly bean carousel cake (1965)

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Jelly bean carousel cake - 1965

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Jelly bean carousel cake recipe

Here is a junior spectacular for such a world-shattering occasion as a child’s birthday party. It will answer the old problem of a suitable cake for a little boy… but it will be just as proper for a small sister — or even a pretty big one.

Anyone who loves jelly beans (doesn’t everyone?) will love it. And mothers will be particularly fond of it because it’s made from a mix.

Jelly bean carousel cake recipe


2 pkg (1-lb, 2.5-oz size) yellow cake mix
4 pkg (6.5-oz size) fluffy-white frosting mix
4 eggs
Assorted jelly beans


1. Prepare cake mix as package label directs, using 4 eggs and amount of water specified on label. Bake in 4 (9-inch) layer-cake pans. Turn out; cool. Trim tops to make level.

2. Cut a 5-inch and a 3-inch circle from one of the cake layers. Set both circles aside.

3. Make frosting as package label directs.

4. On plate, put 3 (9-inch) layers together with 1/2 cup frosting between each layer.

5. Frost bottoms of 5-inch and 3-inch cake layers. Put layers together, 3-inch layer on top. Then center them on 9-inch layers.

6. Spread sides of 9-inch layers with frosting. With tines of fork, make wavy vertical lines in frosting around side of the cake.

7. Mound 4 cups of frosting on top of cake. With a metal spatula, sweep the frosting down to the edge of 9-inch layer, to resemble the top of a carousel. With the edge of a long spatula, make indentations around the top of the carousel at 2-inch intervals.

8. Put rest of frosting in pastry bag with a number 3 small, plain decorating tip.

9. Press out frosting decoratively onto cake, outlining indentations on top; also outline edge of the carousel top with the frosting.

10. Press jelly beans into frosting around side and base of cake. Press out frosting decoratively around jelly beans on cake.

11. Press out frosting to form a swirl on the top of the cake.

Makes 16 to 20 servings

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Jelly bean carousel cake recipe

Jelly bean carousel cake recipe

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