Famous invention vintage trading cards

Famous invention trading cards

Here are a few cigarette cards — collectible freebie trading card that were included in packages of cigarettes — featuring images of famous inventions… the little things from cameras to the kinetoscope (think movie projector), typewriters to sewing machines. Eras covered include 1902-1917 and 1923-1930.
Inventions that changed the world – Famous inventions trading cards
Marconi transmitting apparatus

Marconi transmitting apparatus

Edison’s first phonograph

Edison's first phonograph

The invention of the Electric tram

Electric tram - Famous inventions trading cards

Modern lighthouse lantern

Modern lighthouse lantern

Pratt’s typewriter

Inventions: Pratt's typewriter

Invention of the microscope

Inventions: Microscope

Jacquard loom

Inventions: Jacquard loom

Invention of the Incandescent light

Incandescent light

Howe’s sewing machine

Howe's sewing machine

Automatic piano-player

Inventions: Automatic piano-player (c1923-1930)

Famous invention: Wilde dynamo

Inventions: Wilde's dynamo (c1902-1917)

Invention: Edison’s kinetoscope

Edison's kinetoscope - Famous inventions trading cards

Famous invention Steven’s screw propeller

Steven's screw propeller

Invention of the X-ray apparatus

X-ray apparatus

The camera

Inventions: The camera (c1902-1917)

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