Plymouth Fury, Valiant, Belvedere GTX for 1967

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Plymouth is out to win you over this year

’67 Plymouth Valiant

Looks all new. Feels all new. Is all new. Surrender. You don’t have a chance. For ’67, Valiant is wider and elbow-roomier. It has a longer wheelbase for a smoother ride. But the distance between bumpers doesn’t change. You can still slip into parking spots others have to pass up.

1967 '67 Plymouth Valiant


’67 Belvedere GTX

GTX, Plymouth’s exciting new Supercar, King of the Belvedered. Standard equipment: the biggest GT engine in the world. Our Super Commando 440 V-8. Optional equipment: the famous Plymouth “Hemi.”

1967 '67 Belvedere GTX


’67 Plymouth Fury

All new. All beautiful. Just to win you over. Outside, longer and more elegant; inside, downright lavish. Try to say “no” to 13 enticing interior choices, ranging from rich, high-sheen fabrics to the supple, foam-filled vinyls shown above. Just try.

1967 '67 Plymouth Fury

1967 '67 Plymouth Fury

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