Vintage Dr Scholl’s Exercise Sandals & Toe Hugger shoes for women

Vintage Dr Scholl's Exercise Sandals

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Remember those wood-soled vintage Dr Scholl’s Exercise Sandals, and their flexible counterparts? Take a look back at the slip-on shoes that were super trendy in the ’70s & ’80s — and that you can even still buy today!

Walk pretty in Shape-up sandals by Scholl (1970)

Scholl Exercise Sandals. The toe grip that turns on your legs when you walk.

The whole world’s grooving in the shape-up sandals with the fabulous toe-grip. Scholl Exercise Sandals! The only sandals with the toe-grip that turns on your legs when you walk. The gripping action puts more shape in your legs. More girl in your walk.

And these sandals have a smart fashion look all their own. Beautifully sculpted wood with flat or raised heel.

Easy-to-adjust soft leather straps in your choice of red or bone. Look for Scholl Exercise Sandals at leading department, shoe, and drug stores. And start walking pretty.

Scholl's Exercise Sandals 1970

U.S. Ski team uses Scholl sandals (1972)

Some of the best legs we know are wintering in Scholl Exercise Sandals this year.

The belong to the U.S. Ski Team, but they could belong to you. Hardly anyone cares more about legs and feet than a skier. And the Ski Team knows how Scholls Sandals relax your feet, when you want to keep going after a day on the slopes.

And Scholl’s exclusive toe-grip encourages your toes to grip firmly, helping to tone and firm your legs — whether you’re a skier or not. So if you’d like to get through winter in beautiful shape, put on some Scholl Sandals the way the U.S. Ski team does.

After all, what’s good enough for their legs and feet should be good enough for yours.

Dr Scholl's exercise sandals from 1972

Hooray for the comfortable life. (1976)

Hooray for Scholl sandals!

Hooray for country music, sunshine and weekends. For blue denims and Scholl sandals. ‘Cause now they come together in Scholl’s denim sandal. Other colors too, all with foam-padded, soft leather strap. And cool, carved beechwood, sculpted for comfort.

Only Scholl, the original exercise sandals, feel so good and look so good. You already know that? Hooray for you!

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Dr Scholl's Sandals - vintage ad from 1976 - shoes fashion

Vintage Dr Scholl’s Exercise Sandals: Toe-Huggers (1977)

What the woman on the run should walk in.

Even if you’re on the go all day, you can still live the comfortable life. Just kick on a pair of Scholl Toe-Huggers, the lightweight sandals with all the foot-contoured comfort you expect from Scholl. They’re better than barefoot.

Toe-Huggers keep you going strong, with cool, foot-shaped soles that gently cradle your feet. And a soft adjustable strap.

And while you’re walking, you’re also doing something to help firm and tone your legs because your toes sling to the exclusive toe crest. But you don’t feel a thing. In fact, after a few days of getting used to Toe-Huggers, you hardly feel them on your feet.

They come in so many colors, you can wear them with everything. For working or playing. Scholl Toe-Huggers. What the woman on the run should walk in.

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Scholl Toe Hugger Sandals -Shoes from 1977

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Scholl Sashay sandals (1982)

What makes new Sashay sandals one of the most comfortable sandals you can buy?


Sashay sandals from Scholl could be the lightest, most comfortable shoes ever made. They’re flexiable enough to cushion your every step. What’s more, they come in three attractive colors — Navy, Sand, and Eggshell. So they’ll match up with just about anything. Comfortable. Flexible. Sasha.

Dr Scholl's vintage Sashay Sandals for women 1980s

Step into great shape with vintage Dr Scholl’s Exercise Sandals (1982)

Scholl Exercise Sandals help give you great legs. And who knows where that can take you.

Dr Scholl's wooden Exercise Sandals - 1982

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  1. I loved the wooden Dr. Scholl’s exercise sandals and owned several pair (red, blue and bone). I never achieved the shapely legs I desired but I was always in style.

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