Plaid, fur & velveteen: Clothes teenagers were sewing in the fall of 1960

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6 million teenagers love to sew – this is what they will make this fall

Full of enthusiasm, teenagers all over the country will welcome a new season with thoughts of new clothes. About 6,000,000 will combine their efforts to make more than 17,000,000 garments.

To stimulate their creative minds, we searched for the brightest plaids, the fuzziest fur fabrics, the gayest jumpers and the prettiest shades of velveteen. Original ideas are trend-setting and to be encouraged. Unusual combinations of colors and fabrics are individual and distinguished.

Plaids – Jumpers – Fur fabrics – Velveteen

Fur fabrics stand out this fall because they look so real. Also, deep pile fabrics in pale colors look like dyed rabbit. All of these are fun for jackets, overblouses and accessories. A white washable wool dress looks new as a young fashion, and one might add a monogram.

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Party clothes are simple in design and depend on color and fabric for their very feminine eye-catching appeal.

Fashion-minded youngsters will find that a background of sewing and designing often develops into a career. Also, one can dress like a queen on a Cinderella budget.


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>> Love vintage fashion? See our book: Top Fashions of the ’60s

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