How to make a fold-up home workshop (1961)

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How to make a fold-up home workshop (1961)

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How to make a fold-up home workshop (1961)

Make a fold-up home workshop

Plan, work, store, protect with this “fold away” workshop

For Dad only . . . a complete, self-contained home workshop with tools, lumber, shop equipment and supplies locked into his own “fold-up” craftsman’s center.

Although this unit may be expanded if space is available, the complete workshop pictured above fits into an 8-foot-wide area.

Strong, good-looking Weyerhaeuser perforated hardboard becomes a convenient tool hang with mounted shelf brackets providing sufficient depth for lumber storage.

Place your power tools and storage cabinets flush against the wall and all tools, lumber and supplies are just an arm’s-length away.

Two storage walls of Weyerhaeuser 3/4″ plywood . . . pound for pound one of the strongest building materials on the market today provide plenty of room for paints and other supplies, plus an additional surface for tool display. These 2-foot, 6-inch-deep storage partitions swing inward on “all directional” casters, enabling you to lock and secure the entire workshop.

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How to build this garage/basement workshop

Construction is simple. Do it yourself, or arrange to have it professionally built.

Suggested material: Weyerhaeuser 4-Square Ponderosa Pine paneling.

Pick up the Weyerhaeuser 4-Square lumber and plywood you’ll need and start today. This is just the beginning of easier “do-it-yourself” projects for better living . . . compliments of your 4-Square lumber and plywood dealer.

Fold-up home workshop building plan & design specifications

Design plan How to make a fold-up home workshop (1961)

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