Fashion fad of the seventies: Hot pants (1971)

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Fashion fad of the seventies Hot pants (1971)

Fashion fad of the seventies Hot pants (1971)

Hot pants: A short but happy career

At first, it seemed depressingly probable that legs would disappear under prim and dowdy-looking midiskirts.

But suddenly, as if in answer to a universal male prayer, hot pants appeared spontaneously in all the civilized capitals of the Western world.

To an untrained eye (there were few inattentive ones), hot pants looked rather like the old short shorts of 20 or 30 years ago, except that they were a bit skimpier and a lot flashier and often were accompanied by opaque tights and high boots. They were, moreover, acceptable attire in public, and fashionable women of size 12 or less wore them to restaurants, offices, churches and black-tie dinners.

All during the iciest, most shivery months of winter they flourished. But then, just as the warmest weather arrived, with odd logic, they ceased to be the height of chic.

Fashion fad of the seventies Hot pants (1971)

Fashion fad of the seventies Hot pants (1971)

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