7 big pictures of the hottest 1967 hairstyles

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7 big pictures of the hottest hairstyles of 1967

New fall hairstyles: Brief and breezy

Beauty feature by Judith Chase Churchill 

The fashionable length is short, for hair as well as hems — and here are seven ways to wear your hair short and look smart, designed especially for Woman’s Day by New York’s trend-setting hairstylist. Kenneth. Choose a full and curly style or a straight and sleek one — in some instances you can have either look from one cut.

Sidesweep hairstyle

The sidesweep hairdo follows the neat, clean-cut look of tailored suits. its prerequisites: a well-shaped head, perfect features. This style can be brushed back from the same cut as Bouffante, with a slightly varied setting.

Sidesweep hairstyle popular in 1967

1967 hairstyles: Bouffant

This style is a bouffant with loose curls, dips, swirls and bands has an easy elegance and femininity. The sides and top are backcombed and left full. Back lies close to nape.

Bouffant hairstyle popular in 1967

Grecian hairstyle

The Grecian hairstyle of 1967 is sculptured and youthful with casual curls at the crown, petallike bangs, swirly sides to frame face.

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Grecian 1967 hairstyles

1967 hairstyles: Moppet

Moppet, the walflike style imported from England, can be sleekly brushed down from the same haircut as Grecian to go with the mod look of bulky turtleneck sweaters.

Moppet hairstyle popular in 1967

Cloche hairdo

Cloche hairstyle has a flattering roundness that’s especially becoming to small features. From a pivot point at top crown, divided bangs brush the brow, sides are full, back hugs the nape.

1967 hairstyles

Scandinavian hairstyle

Scandinavian hairstyle has striking simplicity, is easy to style and care for. Long bangs extend from temple to temple and full straight has turns slightly under, pageboy fashion. If your hair is very short you can create a similar look by adding a fall.

1967 hairstyles

1967 hairstyles: Casual

Casual coif hairstyle with prettily tossed curls and graceful motion is designed for hair of medium-short length that’s neither too fine nor too coarse. Ends flip out all around, top has a strand looped forward to add to the windswept look.

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1967 hairstyles

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