Mary Tyler Moore models the hottest wigs of the sixties

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Mary Tyler Moore: How to get a head

By Susan Harney, Beauty Editor

Just about everyone knows Mary Tyler Moore (left). “Why, that’s Laura Petrie,” they say. That’s how closely identified she became with her role as perfect wife and mother on the Dick Van Dyke Show. But now, after celebrating five anniversaries on the series, she’s set out to find a new Her.

Mary Tyler Moore 1960s

The result — on view in Universal Pictures’ Thoroughly Modern Millie and as Truman Capote’s heroine, Holly Golightly, on the stage. Two more different Mary Tyler Moore’s you’ve never seen unless you look below, where Mary has tried on several other views with the aid of rock ‘n’ roll singer Monti Rock III (who also guest-stars as a hairdresser at Paul McGregor’s salon) and hairpieces from Joseph Fleischer. . . which brings us to how you, too, can get a head.

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Start hinting now to your own private Santa about how you’d like to have another You on hand for parties and such. Just drop a lock of your hair and the hint that what you want for Christmas is a fall or a switch or a fringe or a box of curls, or (glorious thought) the closest thing to a new head — a whole wig.


The most flexible hairpiece to own is a fall (provided it is at least 18 inches long). Here, worn ever so simply and romantically in a long twirl (it could also be a chignon or braid) intertwined with a rhinestone ribbon. The velvet dress by Gene Neil for Leslie Junior.

Mary Tyler Moore models the era's hottest wigs (1966)


Her own hair topped with a wiglet (a short half-wig that fastens at the crown of your head), a handful of curls and white satin ribbon. The effect, very Directoire, and a perfect foil for the velvet pants suit, from Sportswear Couture by Ellen Brooke.

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Mary Tyler Moore models the era's hottest wigs (1966)


Everything going here for a really gala occasion — the wiglet arranged in curls at the crown of the head, the fall wound around it like a wide ribbon, and the curl collection is pinned in amongst silk flowers call for by the Jax red-velvet dress.

Mary Tyler Moore models the era's hottest wigs (1966)


A deliciously zany wig (yours could be a serious choice instead, but still a change from your own hair), tinsel-bright in the mood of glittery holiday fashions. The dress is an Emery Knit by Micia Jr.; the earrings from Henri Bendel.

Mary Tyler Moore models the era's hottest wigs (1966)

Mary Tyler Moore models the era's hottest wigs (1966)

Mary Tyler Moore models the era's hottest wigs (1966)

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